Diablo 4 A Hero’s Reward Quest Walkthrough

Waking up with the help of a stranger, you have come to your senses just in time to fight back against the villagers who drugged you.

You and a man named Iosef must now escape captivity and fight your way through the villagers whom you once sought to help out.

To do this, this means that you will have to put an end to the villagers of Nevesk and escape with the old man who has helped you to find out more.

A Hero's Reward (Prologue: Wandering Act)

How To Get A Hero’s Reward?

A Hero’s Reward is one of the main quests following one called A Hero’s Return, which is where you awaken after being kidnapped.

This quest begins immediately after the cutscene where you are drugged and transported by Oswen, who has fed you strange petals.

A Hero’s Reward Quest ObjectivesKilling the villagers, including Vani

1) Slay the crazed villagers

Iosef has saved you momentarily but the villagers are hot on your trail and you will need to fight your way through them to escape.

You will have to kill the villagers, including Vani who will be shooting at you with a bow and arrow until no enemies remain.

2) Speak with Iosef

Iosef will head towards the gate and will be standing, which now requires that you talk to him and a cutscene will begin.

Iosef explains what happened and it is later revealed that the same thing happened to him and he later tells you that you will need to find answers in a nearby chapel.

3) Loot the Chapel Key from Vani’s Corpse

Iosef mentions that the key to the chapel might be on Vani and you will need to interact with her to see if the key is on her dead body.

Once you have picked up the Chapel Key that was dropped from Vani’s corpse, Iosef will open the gate and the two of you can proceed.

After Iosef opens the gate, this quest will be complete.

A Hero’s Reward Rewards

Once you have killed the villagers and found the Chapel Key, A Hero’s Reward will be finished and you will gain 430 XP and 200 Gold.


You might have just been one of the sacrifices that the villagers were attempting to kill and you were lucky Iosef was there.

Iosef seems to have gone through the same trouble you had gone through and was able to get to you just in time before Oswen had his way with you.

The two of you are now in search of answers, which now points you to the direction of the nearby chapel you now have a key.

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