ARK: How to Get Spoiled Meat

ARK Spoiled Meat

Spoiled Meat may be nasty and even dangerous to your health if accidentally consumed but it does have its uses in Ark.

While it mainly only has one crafting use in the game, there are other uses for it such as taming certain creatures or even helping players deplete their health when stuck or captured.

Most players struggle with getting Spoiled Meat early in Ark but there are several ways in which this nasty resource can be obtained.

How to Make Spoiled Meat?

Spoiled Meat is basically what happens once any type of raw meat or cooked meats expire, making it obtainable through many sources.

Once the expiration timer of any kind of meat that is cooked or raw is up, the item will be removed and Spoiled Meat will take its place, making this a passive change.

The different types of meat will expire faster when in your inventory or a type of storage but it will last longer if placed in a creature’s inventory or a structure that preserves consumables.

You may also obtain Spoiled Meat by killing Vultures and harvesting their bodies or by harvesting dead Basilosaurus that appear on Ragnarok.

Best Way To Farm Spoiled Meat

The best way to get Spoiled Meat is to get a lot of meat and split the stack in your inventory, this will allow the meat to spoil at the same time.

Getting a stack of meat that is far from expiring and placing it in a stack that is about to expire will change all of them into the stack they are placed into.

Aside from using your inventory, you can place a lot of means inside storage or in multiple storage structures and wait for them to expire.

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Spoiled Meat Uses

Spoiled Meat is used for creating Narcotic (combined with Narcoberries), which is used during the taming of creatures as it helps keep them asleep when knocked out.

You may also use Spoiled Meat as a taming food when attempting to tame an Araneo, Arthropluera, Karkinos, Pulmonoscorpius, or a Vulture.

Some players tend to use Spoiled Meat to kill their characters when stuck or captures and may even use them to force-feed enemies to stealthily kill them when knocked out or offline.


Spoiled Meat may appear to be a resource that is hard to get but it is quite easy to make as long as you have a way to get meat.

It may take some time for raw or cooked meat to transform into Spoiled Meat, which is why you should get a large amount and set it aside for later on.

Attempting to make spoiled meat should be done in your inventory by splitting stacks or keeping several stacks of meat in a storage structure.

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