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ARK Clay

Clay is a resource in Ark which first was introduced along with the Scorched Earth map, and similar to other resources in the map, Clay is important for your survival.

To create some of the items from Scorched Earth, Clay is needed, especially when it comes to Adobe structures.

Adobe Structures highly rely on Clay and if you are to survive in warmer areas, you will need this resource to craft such buildings to avoid heating up.

How to Craft Clay?

Once you reach Level 5, you will be able to Craft clay in either a Mortar and Pestle and Equus Saddle (same amount as Mortar and Pestle) or a Chemistry Bench.

The Chemistry Bench will allow you to craft 6x more than the Mortar and Pestle allows you to (6x for Chemistry Bench, 1x for Mortar and Pestle) allowing you to conserve resources.

Crafting Clay requires 2x sand and 1x Cactus Sap to be crafted in the Mortar and Pestle while it requires 8x Sand and 4x Cactus Sap when in the Chemistry Bench.

How To Farm Clay?

Aside from crafting Clay, it is possible to pick it up from what appears as mud piles, which are common in Ragnarok in areas such as the swamp biome.

The best way to farm Clay is to either use your bare hands or a Mining Drill, but collecting the necessary resources and crafting in bulk may save time and make things easier.

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Clay Uses

The majority of the buildings in Scorched Earth require Clay to be crafted and some items also require certain amounts of clay.


  • Thorny Dragon Saddle


  • Adobe Ceiling
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gate
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
  • Adobe Door
  • Adobe Doorframe
  • Adobe Double Door
  • Adobe Double Doorframe
  • Adobe Fence Foundation
  • Adobe Fence Support
  • Adobe Foundation
  • Adobe Hatchframe
  • Adobe Ladder
  • Adobe Pillar
  • Adobe Railing
  • Adobe Ramp
  • Adobe Staircase
  • Adobe Stairs
  • Adobe Trapdoor
  • Adobe Triangle Ceiling
  • Adobe Triangle Foundation
  • Adobe Triangle Roof
  • Adobe Wall
  • Adobe Window
  • Adobe Windowframe
  • Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate
  • Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
  • Giant Adobe Hatchframe
  • Giant Adobe Trapdoor
  • Large Adobe Wall
  • Sloped Adobe Roof
  • Sloped Adobe Wall Left
  • Sloped Adobe Wall Right


  • Jar of Pitch
  • Oil Jar
  • Vessel


Clay is mainly used for Adobe structures and only has a few items that require it for crafting, which makes it a needed resource for players who require those items.

Adobe Structures are great for surviving in desert biomes and are recommended for players starting in Scorched Earth or the desert biomes in maps such as Ragnarok.

It is better to craft Clay rather than to focus on collecting it from the swamp since this can speed things up and doesn’t require you to search for their nodes.

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