ARK: How to Make Re-Fertilizer

ARK Re-Fertilizer

When you build in a certain location, your structures will cause resources to stop spawning again, which is sometimes useful but when it comes to designing or staying hidden, you need them too.

To make resources respawn, there is this item, Re-Fertilizer, which is a craftable item that can be made straight from your inventory.

Players who wish to force respawn certain resources for their purposes may utilize this resource to make it happen.

How to Craft Re-Fertilizer?

Re-Fertilizer can be unlocked once you reach level 38 and can be crafted in your inventory afterward, but it requires you have learned the Mortar and Pestle engram.

Crafting Re-Fertilizer requires the following ingredients per piece:

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Re-Fertilizer Uses

Re-Fertilizer does not have that many uses and is mainly a resource for respawning other previously harvest and spawn-blocked ones.

This is useful for restoring a resource in a specific location (around 1 foundation of an area) to bring back a few trees, rocks, or other resources you may need.

With modded servers, Re-Fertilizer may be used in crafting or as a fuel source such as in the Structures Plus mod, where it is used to power the Hatchery.


Most modded servers have the Structures Plus mod, which has the Hatchery, a structure that is powered by Re-Fertilizer which is used to collect and hatch fertilized eggs.

Using Re-Fertilizer can be a great way to bring back resources such as trees which can be used to hide your smaller bases from enemies.

If you require a certain resource before it has respawned, you can use Re-Fertilizer to instantly make the resource respawn.

It is better to craft Re-Fertilizer in amounts that you need as bulk crafting can take up time unless you do so when at your base and while you are not doing much.

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