ARK: How to Get Wood

ARK Wood

Wood is one of the most common resources that you can find in Ark, and you can get it almost anywhere.

This resource comes from trees, but there are also other ways to get it and it does have a different variant in other maps.

You will mostly be using Wood early on for structures and in the late game for making charcoal to be used in making Gunpowder.

How to Get Wood?

Wood is obtained mainly by harvesting the different kinds of trees in Ark, larger or taller trees usually offer more wood when harvested.

You can use tools such as a Hatchet or Chainsaw to cut down trees or resort to using creatures that can harvest wood.

Picking up Wood from the ground is possible by interacting with the branches lying around, but these only provide a small amount.

Best Way to Farm Wood

The best way to farm Wood is to use a Chainsaw or to use a Mammoth, Castoroides, or a Therizinosaurus, as these creatures gather greater amounts.

Chainsaws can gather an insane amount of Wood, but you should be careful as you may easily become packed and unable to move.

Using creatures to farm wood will allow you to store them in the creature’s inventory which makes it safer in more hostile locations.

Farming trees in the Redwood biome is one of the best ways to get Wood in Ark, as these trees have higher resource health and provide more Wood when farmed.

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Wood Uses

Wood is used most of the time for early structures and later on used to be burnt into Charcoal, which is then processed into Gunpowder.

A lot of items require Wood to be crafted and this can range from a simple Campfire or Torch up to a Spear, Bow, or Longneck Rifle.

The following are items that can be crafted with Wood:


  • Boomerang
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Harpoon Launcher
  • Improvised Explosive Device
  • Longneck Rifle
  • Pike
  • Shotgun
  • Simple Pistol
  • Slingshot
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Tripwire Alarm Trap
  • Tripwire Narcotic Trap
  • Whip


  • Camera
  • Fishing Rod
  • Flare Gun
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Metal Hatchet
  • Metal Pick
  • Metal Sickle
  • Paintbrush
  • Spyglass
  • Taxidermy Tool
  • Wooden Club


  • Spear Bolt


  • Arthropluera Saddle
  • Beelzebufo Saddle
  • Deinonychus Saddle
  • Diplodocus Saddle
  • Equus Saddle
  • Gallimimus Saddle
  • Ichthyosaurus Saddle
  • Iguanodon Saddle
  • Manta Saddle
  • Morellatops Saddle
  • Pachy Saddle
  • Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle
  • Parasaur Saddle
  • Phiomia Saddle
  • Pulmonoscorpius Saddle
  • Raptor Saddle
  • Stego Saddle
  • Tapejara Saddle
  • Terror Bird Saddle
  • Therizinosaurus Saddle
  • Thorny Dragon Saddle
  • Trike Saddle


  • Adobe Ceiling
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gate
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
  • Adobe Door
  • Adobe Doorframe
  • Adobe Double Door
  • Adobe Double Doorframe
  • Adobe Fence Foundation
  • Adobe Fence Support
  • Adobe Foundation
  • Adobe Hatchframe
  • Adobe Ladder
  • Adobe Pillar
  • Adobe Railing
  • Adobe Ramp
  • Adobe Staircase
  • Adobe Stairs
  • Adobe Trapdoor
  • Adobe Triangle Ceiling
  • Adobe Triangle Foundation
  • Adobe Triangle Roof
  • Adobe Wall
  • Adobe Window
  • Adobe Windowframe
  • Ammo Box
  • Ballista Turret
  • Beer Barrel
  • Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate
  • Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
  • Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
  • Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway
  • Bookshelf
  • Campfire
  • Catapult Turret
  • Compost Bin
  • Cooking Pot
  • Dinosaur Gate
  • Dinosaur Gateway
  • Electrical Outlet
  • Feeding Trough
  • Giant Adobe Hatchframe
  • Giant Adobe Trapdoor
  • Giant Reinforced Trapdoor
  • Giant Stone Hatchframe
  • Large Adobe Wall
  • Large Crop Plot
  • Large Stone Wall
  • Large Storage Box
  • Large Taxidermy Base
  • Large Wood Elevator Platform
  • Large Wooden Wall
  • Loadout Mannequin
  • Medium Crop Plot
  • Medium Taxidermy Base
  • Medium Wood Elevator Platform
  • Metal Irrigation Pipe – Intake
  • Metal Irrigation Pipe – Tap
  • Metal Ocean Platform
  • Mirror
  • Multi-Panel Flag
  • Painting Canvas
  • Preserving Bin
  • Pressure Plate
  • Refining Forge
  • Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
  • Reinforced Double Door
  • Reinforced Trapdoor
  • Reinforced Window
  • Reinforced Wooden Door
  • Rope Ladder
  • Simple Bed
  • Single Panel Flag
  • Sloped Adobe Roof
  • Sloped Adobe Wall Left
  • Sloped Adobe Wall Right
  • Sloped Stone Roof
  • Sloped Stone Wall Left
  • Sloped Stone Wall Right
  • Sloped Thatch Roof
  • Sloped Thatch Wall Left
  • Sloped Thatch Wall Right
  • Sloped Wood Wall Left
  • Sloped Wood Wall Right
  • Sloped Wooden Roof
  • Small Crop Plot
  • Small Taxidermy Base
  • Small Wood Elevator Platform
  • Smithy
  • Standing Torch
  • Stone Ceiling
  • Stone Dinosaur Gateway
  • Stone Doorframe
  • Stone Double Doorframe
  • Stone Fence Foundation
  • Stone Fence Support
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Stone Foundation
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Stone Hatchframe
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Tap
  • Stone Pick
  • Stone Pillar
  • Stone Railing
  • Stone Staircase
  • Stone Stairs
  • Stone Triangle Ceiling
  • Stone Triangle Foundation
  • Stone Triangle Roof
  • Stone Wall
  • Stone Windowframe
  • Storage Box
  • Tent
  • Thatch Ceiling
  • Thatch Doorframe
  • Thatch Foundation
  • Thatch Wall
  • Toilet
  • Torch
  • Training Dummy
  • Trophy Wall-Mount
  • Wall Torch
  • War Map
  • Wardrums
  • Water Well
  • Wood Elevator Top Switch
  • Wood Elevator Track
  • Wood Ocean Platform
  • Wooden Bench
  • Wooden Billboard
  • Wooden Cage
  • Wooden Catwalk
  • Wooden Ceiling
  • Wooden Chair
  • Wooden Door
  • Wooden Doorframe
  • Wooden Double Door
  • Wooden Double Doorframe
  • Wooden Fence Foundation
  • Wooden Fence Support
  • Wooden Foundation
  • Wooden Hatchframe
  • Wooden Ladder
  • Wooden Pillar
  • Wooden Raft
  • Wooden Railing
  • Wooden Ramp
  • Wooden Shield
  • Wooden Sign
  • Wooden Spike Wall
  • Wooden Staircase
  • Wooden Stairs
  • Wooden Table
  • Wooden Trapdoor
  • Wooden Tree Platform
  • Wooden Triangle Ceiling
  • Wooden Triangle Foundation
  • Wooden Triangle Roof
  • Wooden Wall
  • Wooden Wall Sign
  • Wooden Window
  • Wooden Windowframe


  • Charcoal


  • Canoe
  • Delivery Crate
  • Motorboat
  • Vessel


Wood is one of the resources in Ark that has some of the most uses in the game, and later on, you will be needing large amounts to support all the structures and items you craft.

While it is easy to get Wood from trees, the ability to farm it in large amounts will speed up your progress in the game and allow you to have a better reserve for later.

Chainsaws work extremely well with Wood but you must have a creature to carry it such as an Argentavis, Quetzal, Castoroides, Mammoth, and more.

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