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ARK Silicate

Silicate is a resource that exists in the Extinction DLC, which is the alternative for Silica Pearls as there are no oceans present on the map.

Instead of being more like Silica Pearls, this resource comes in a kind of crystalline form and needs to be processed before it can be used.

This resource was initially confusing for some players due to not only where to find Silicate but also how to use it.

How to Collect Silicate?

Silicate is only obtainable in the Extinction map; this resource can only be farmed in the Forbidden Zone, located towards the outer part of the map.

You can use the same tools to harvest Silicate as you would with any other minerals such as Stone and Metal node farming tools.

Along with Silicate, you may obtain resources such as Stone, Flint, and Obsidian and depend on your tool, a larger amount of Silicate.

It is suitable for Starters to use a Metal Pick or an Ankylosaurus to farm Silicate at early stages when playing on Extinction.

Best Way to Farm Silicate

The best way to farm Silicate is to use an Ankylosaurs or a Mining Drill, as these are capable of gathering larger amounts and holding more in weight.

An Ankylosaurus tamed at an earlier time will make farming minerals and ore much easier while later on you may want to invest in a Mining Drill to save a lot of time and harvest more.

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Silicate Uses

Most players wonder how to use Silicate since the description mentions that it can be refined but it is not as complicated as it seems.

Similar to other resources that can be used as substitutes, Silicate does not need to be processed and instead will be used instead of Silica Pearls when crafting.

To use Silicate, simply place it into the crafting inventory and craft the items (make sure to have complete resources) and the amount of Silica Pearls will be covered by Silicate.

For a list of items that can be crafted with Silicate, check out our guide on How To Get Silica Pearls for the list.

Silicate Farming Locations

The following are coordinates in the Forbidden Zone which has a large amount of Silicate which can be farmed.

Beware of the wild corrupted creatures in the area as you will need to be well equipped and have a good way to get around to keep safe.

  • 4.6 – 42
  • 6.5 – 46
  • 3.3 – 47
  • 2.5 – 43


There is not much that is special about Silicate, aside from it just being a substitute for Silica Pearls on the Extinction map.

This is because there are ocean or mass bodies of water on the map and the ability to collect Silica Pearls is scarce.

Players can easily harvest a lot of Silicate and get a good stock for later on when they need to start crafting higher-tech structures.

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