ARK: How to Get Obsidian

ARK Obsidian

Obsidian is a rarer type of resource which can mainly be found atop mountains and around volcanos, appearing as black shiny rocks.

These can be mined and used to create certain items, including Polymer, one of the more advanced materials needed in Ark.

Although Obsidian may be rare, it is quite easy to acquire as long as you have the right tools and means to obtain it.

How to Farm Obsidian?

Obsidian is mainly obtainable by mining the smooth black rocks that can be found in several places, but these require a Pick or the use of creatures to mine.

Using an Ankylosaurus, Magmasaur, and even a Mantis equipped with picks work well but eventually, a Mining Drill will be your best choice.

On other maps, Obsidian can be found in some of the strangest places, and this is worth taking note of so you have a place to return to when farming for it.

Obsidian can easily be distinguished by its black color and its glossy look, this can be a bit difficult to spot from afar but usually stands out.

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Obsidian Uses

The only use currently for Obsidian is for crafting, and while it can be used to craft specific items, it is also used for crafting Polymer, a resource requires for other items and structures.

The following are items that may be crafted with Obsidian:


  • Harpoon Launcher
  • Lance


  • Camera
  • Electronic Binoculars
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Pliers
  • Scissors


  • Cannon Ball
  • Chain Bola



  • Artifact Pedestal
  • Mirror


  • Polymer


  • Handcuffs
  • Motorboat
  • Snowman


You will mostly notice Obsidian when you are traveling around volcanic areas or mountains, these appear as black rocks.

Using creatures to farm Obsidian works better than a Pick but using a Mining Drill can save you a lot of time and get you more resources.

Polymer is an important item when it comes to the later phases in Ark and you will be needing this for several items and structures along with Metal Ingots.

A lot of Tek items are reliant on Polymer, which makes it necessary for you to have a lot of Obsidian if you have no means to get Organic Polymer.

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