ARK: How to Get Organic Polymer

Ark Organic Polymer

Organic Polymer is a resource that is required to create the Ghillie Set (which cannot be crafted with standard Polymer) and is obtainable in an organic manner.

It is impossible to create Organic Polymer, but regular Polymer on the other hand which can be crafted is still a more stable option for other crafting.

There are a few ways in which you can obtain Organic Polymer, which mostly involves obtaining them from creatures by killing or natural production.

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How to Get Organic Polymer?

Harvesting Creatures

One of the best ways to get Organic Polymer is by killing certain creatures as only a few creatures in Ark Survival Evolved can be harvested for it.

The following are creatures that can be harvested for Organic Polymer:

Using a Chainsaw is by far one of the most efficient ways in which you can obtain Organic Polymer when harvesting the said creature corpses.

Achatina Production

Achatina, which are snail-like creatures in Ark, are capable of producing Organic Polymer every hour (they produce Achatina Paste mainly) which can become handy in large numbers.

You can tame several Achatina and set them on wander, which will cause them to produce Organic Polymer, also preserving it.

Aberration Plants

There are certain plants on the Aberration map which can be harvested to provide those who collect it with Organic Polymer.

This has allowed players to transfer large amounts to other servers and provided those in Aberration with an easy supply of Organic Polymer.

Grinding Items Crafted with Polymer

Items that have been crafted with standard Polymer can be ground to return some of the resources, but when it comes to Polymer, the returned resource is turned to Organic Polymer instead.

This can come in handy if players have a lot of unnecessary items, which can then be recycled to provide them with Organic Polymer.

Organic Polymer Uses

Aside from its use for the Ghillie Set, Organic Polymer can be used as a substitute for any crafting recipe that requires Polymer.

On maps that have a good population of the mentioned creatures, players may make use of them to reduce the need for crafting standard Polymer.

It is also possible for players to force-feed other players (or eat it themselves) to deal 500 damage instantly, which can kill them.

Creatures will not take damage when Organic Polymer is force-fed to them and instead will have no reaction, unlike humans.

When crafting, Organic Polymer is prioritized and will be consumed first instead of using up standard Polymer.

Organic Polymer Expiry

The only downside of Organic Polymer is that it has a timer before it expires, which is 30 minutes after being produced or harvested.

Each stack of Organic Polymer will have its own expiry time, which makes it quite difficult on servers that do not have higher stacks set.

A whole stack of Organic Polymer does not expire, instead, the items are reduced once at a time every time the timer runs out.


Organic Polymer sure does make a good substitute but it will not always be the best choice when it comes to stocking up.

It is better for players to farm Organic Polymer when they are going to use it unless they are on an unofficial server with high stacks.

Knowing which creatures can be harvested for Organic Polymer and where they spawn can be a real advantage for players.

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