How To Turn Off Clouds in Ark Survival Ascended

The Unreal Engine 5 has given players a whole new experience but not all of these are enjoyed by players as sometimes too many effects can lower the performance of the game.

One of these is the clouds in the game as they do not only make the game feel a bit laggy, but it also obscures your vision at some point. (Not to be confused with fog)

However, players can disable the clouds if they find that it is ruining the game for them, and all of this can be done with one simple command.

Clouds in Ark Survival Ascended

How To Disable Clouds?Disabling Clouds in Ark Survival Ascended

As you can see in the image above, the clouds have been removed and things are much clearer and this is good especially when it comes to PVP.

To remove the clouds from the game, you will need to open up your console and type in the following command: r.VolumetricCloud 0

This command sets the cloud effects in the game to 1 (true) to make them appear or 0 (false) to remove them once you have entered them.

How To Disable Fog in Ark Survival Ascended?

You may have noticed that some areas in the game are extremely foggy to the point where you can see nothing anymore and this is due to the fog.

While fog will eventually go away, you cannot always wait for it, which is why it may be good to toggle this off as well.

You can disable the fog in the game with the following command: r.VolumetricFog 0

Will Others Know If I Disable Clouds in the Game?

The commands you type in your console are only available to you, which means the only way they can tell is if you fly perfectly when you are around clouds or fog.

This is not cheating as it is still part of the game and instead, it is more of a performance boost to help your game run smoothly and to help you avoid squinting now and then.


Being able to disable these features can provide a huge performance boost and will allow you to see clearer in the game, which is good for spotting enemies or creatures you want to tame.

These commands may seem to be like a cheat, but it is part of the game, similar to how you would use the Gamma command since others can do it as well.

If ever you feel like bringing back the clouds and fog, you can retype the command and set it to 1 instead of 0 to instantly bring them back.

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