How To Find Lost Dinos in Ark

ARK Finding Lost Dino

The maps in Ark Survival Evolved can be quite big and sometimes it is easy to lose track of where you left your Dinos in certain situations.

Sometimes they may wander off when attacking enemies or you may get killed and need to go back to find them, which is why it is important to be able to find them.

There is more than one way to track where your Dinos are, especially if they are one of your favorite tames on a server.

How To Find Lost Dinos?

There are multiple ways to figure out where your lost Dinos are and these are some of the methods you can use to get them back.

1) Tracing Your Steps

If you are familiar with the path that you previously came across, you can trace your steps to figure out where you may have lost track of your Dino.

By going back to where you first started or heading back through the path you came across, you are most likely to encounter your Dino again.

2) Checking The Map

The map can be a good way to check where you have traveled and if you have recently uncovered part of it and lost your Dino, you can use it to backtrack where it is.

It is best to walk back from where you are or to rush to the location where you recently were as this can help you spot your Dino if it has gotten stuck or if you recently died.

3) Using Advanced HUD

The Advanced HUD has its uses, one of which is that it will show you the location of nearby Dinos based on what taming group they are in.

By default, Dinos will be in no taming group and by holding the Advanced HUD, nearby tamed creatures can be revealed.

4) Looking For Death Bag

In the case that you died, you can always head back to the location where it happened and by finding your Death Bag, you may spot your Dino.

Your Dino will most likely be where you died or nearby if it is set to neutral or aggressive, making it easy to search the area.

5) Using a Transponder Tracker

One of the best ways to keep track of your favorite dinosaur is to place a Transponder Node on them and with the use of a Transponder Tracker, you can find their exact location.

The Transponder Node is placed on a creature and whenever the Transponder Tracker is activated, it will reveal the distance to each Dino you have with a Transponder Node.

Still Can’t Find Lost Dino?

In the case that you still cannot find your lost dinos, it is most likely that it may have been killed or lured by another player.

If it has been lured away, you will need to do a more in-depth search but if it is killed, you can always find out by checking your tribe log.

Sometimes Dinos can get stuck along the way and it’s best to check thoroughly if they have tried to follow you but fell off a cliff or into the water.


It is a good idea to keep note of these methods as during both PVE and PVP they can be handy whenever you lose your dinos.

Sometimes your favorite Dinos can mean a lot, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a Transponder Tracker and some Transponder Nodes.

In the case of PVP, you should make sure your Dinos cannot be picked up by enemies by placing turrets nearby or lured by keeping them enclosed somewhere.

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