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Shoulder Pet ARK

Ark Survival Evolved has a lot of features, some include ones that involve the smaller creatures that can be tamed in the game.

Certain Dinos are considered shoulder pets and these can be picked up and will ride on your shoulder until you drop them.

In this case, you can throw your pet but there is nothing to worry about, this won’t damage them when they land.

How To Pick Up Shoulder Pet?

To pick up a shoulder pet, you must first not have one on you and will simply need to approach it until it is within range for being picked up.

You will see the option to pick up the tamed Dino once you are in range and will simply need to press the “use” button

Another way to pick up a creature is to hold the “use” button while looking at it and select the “Pick Up” option from the menu.

How To Drop Shoulder Pet?

Dropping your shoulder pet is almost the same as picking it up since all you need to do is double-tap the “access target inventory” button.

Be sure you are looking at another Dino when close to it or this will open up its inventory instead, you will notice this if interacting with it becomes available.

If you are on a mount, you will need to dismount if you are going to use the “access target inventory button” but you can still toss your shoulder tame if you are mounted as well.

How To Drop Shoulder Pet While Mounted?

If you do not want to get off your mount, you can still throw the shoulder pet by pressing the “reload” key once.

If the controls do not allow you to do so, you will have to resort to jumping off your tame and tossing your shoulder pet instead.

Sometimes tossing your shoulder tame while mounted can allow you to have an advantage, especially when you command it to attack an enemy.

Shoulder Pet Uses

Shoulder pets have different uses based on which one you have, as some may have abilities that activate while you are on your shoulder while some provide benefits.

Some of the shoulder pets can be commanded while on your shoulder, while others have special features that can be used by holding the “reload” button.

Depending on which shoulder pet you have on you, many possible benefits can help you out in different situations.

List Of Shoulder Pets and Abilities

  • Bulbdog – Detects high-level creatures, has Charge Light
  • Compy – Can attack other creatures
  • Dimorphodon – Has strong attack when in melee range and can be thrown to attack
  • Featherlight – Detects high-level creatures, has Charge Light
  • Glowtail – Detects high-level creatures, has Charge Light
  • Hesperornis – Can be used to instantly kill fish
  • Ichthyornis – Can steal items from enemies
  • Jerboa – Can detect changes in weather
  • Mesopithecus – Opens doors from the inside (thatch and wood) and throws feces to slow enemies
  • Microraptor – Can dismount enemies from their tames
  • Noglin – Can be used to mind control enemies
  • Otter – Can collect Silica Pearls/Black Pearls when it hunts fishes
  • Pegomastax – Can steal items from enemies
  • Shinehorn – Detects high-level creatures, has Charge Light
  • Sinomacrops – Can be used as a Glider or Parachute
  • Vulture – Can attack enemies on their tames and attacks when in range


Having shoulder pets can be very useful in the game and they are also cute and fun to have, except for the uglier ones.

Depending on your playstyle, you can use shoulder pets to your advantage, whether it’s to get to certain areas or to fight your enemies.

Keep in mind that your shoulder pets are usually easy to kill unless they have been bred and imprinted on as well as leveled up.

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