Should You Choose To Accept It Part I Quest Steps: Destiny 2

Season of the Seraph Should You Choose To Accept It Part I

Previously you received the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle and now it’s time for you to increase its efficiency even more.

With this Exotic Quest, you can unlock one of its catalysts, allowing you to alter the weapon later when you use the Relic to shape it.

This Exotic Quest requires you to repeat the old mission to find things that were left unchecked to improve Revision Zero.

How to Get Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1 Quest?

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1 Exotic Quest is unlocked after you have progressed past Week 4 of Season of the Seraph’s Seasonal Quest, More Than A Weapon.

It becomes available after you have restored the Warmind, which will allow you to obtain the quest from him through the Exo Frame.

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1 Quest Steps

Step 1: Return to the Archimedes Annex and Download the Cryptographic Index

The first thing you will need to do once you get this quest is to return to the Archimedes Annex, which is done by accessing the Warmind Launch Facility.

The Warmind Launch Facility will become available once you have accepted Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1 and will be tracked if you track the quest.

  • Download Index

At the end of the mission, you complete this quest step.

Step 2: Travel to Europa For Further Instructions

This is a simple step and all you need to do is head to Europa, which you can do via the destinations tab and this will be completed once you arrive.

  • Visit Europa

Step 3: Decrypt the Passcode Cipher by Completing Patrols and Defeating Combatants on Europa

Your next task will be to head to Europa and to do patrols or simply defeat enemies that you can find anywhere at the destination.

While patrols can boost the progress by a lot, you can also repeat Lost Sectors until this is completed and we suggest doing the Perdition Lost Sector as it is connected to the next step.

  • Decrypt Cipher

Step 4: Locate the Dead Drop in the Perdition Lost Sector of Cadmus Ridge, and Upload the Cipher

The Dead Drop can be found at the end of the Perdition Lost Sector just to the left of where the Boss Cache can be found.

Approach the Dead Drop and interact with it to upload the Cipher, which will complete the quest step.

  • Locate Dead Drop

Step 5: Launch Operation Seraph’s Shield on Legend Difficulty and Find the Weapon Schematic

Once you reach this quest step, you will need to do the Operation Seraph’s Shield mission but this time, it has to be on Legend Difficulty.

The schematic that you need to recover can be found on a Dead Exo, and this time it will be in the room where you need to step on the right floor path.

  • Recover Schematic

Don’t leave the mission after you obtain the schematic though, because the next step requires you to remain in the mission.

Step 6: Complete Operation Seraph’s Shield on Legend Difficulty to Successfully Obtain the Catalyst

Now that you have the schematic, carry out the rest of the mission until you reach the end and finish it.

This will complete the quest and you will receive the rewards, including the catalyst.

  • Complete Operation Seraph’s Shield on Legend Difficulty

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1 Rewards

Completing this quest will reward you with the Frenzy Refit catalyst for the Revision Zero, allowing you to equip it by reshaping the Revision Zero or when shaping a new one.

Frenzy Refit causes each rapid kill with the Revision Zero to increase its reload speed for a short time.


With this new catalyst, the Revision Zero can be more efficient and will better suit your play style depending on how you reshape it.

The Frenzy Refit can be a big help to players who tend to run out of ammo and this can easily be configured along with other parts of the weapon.

While this is the first of the catalysts for this weapon that you can obtain, more will come later on with the next Exotic Quests related to the Revision Zero.

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