Operation Archimedes Destiny 2 (Season of the Seraph)

Season of the Seraph Operation Archimedes

  • Mission Type: Season of the Seraph
  • Mission Location: Europa

With all the efforts being done to bring the Warmind back online, he will need to be uploaded to the Warsat network aboard an orbital hub.

To do this, a launch facility must be accessible and this puts you up to the task of securing it for later when the uploading process is ready.

Unfortunately, the Wrathborn Hive is also in the area and defenses seem to be targeting you instead of them, making things even more difficult.

How To Get Operation Archimedes Mission?

The Operation Archimedes mission becomes available once you reach Quest Step 5 in the Season of Seraph Seasonal Quest.

Operation Archimedes Mission Objectives

1) Infiltrate the Power Substation

You will start around the outside area of the Power Substation and there will be Wrathborn enemies lurking about as well as hostile defense systems.

You will need to fight your way through the enemies while also evading the sights of the towers as they will fire at you if they stay locked onto you for too long.

You will need to keep going towards the waypoint and will eventually enter what appears to be similar to a bunker entrance.

Proceed with making your way inside and you will travel quite a far distance within as you keep going for the next waypoint.

2) Reach the Auxilary Reactor Controls

As you head further inside, you will come across a room where the Wrathborn have already taken over, and will need to fight through them.

A door up ahead will be blocking your way from the waypoint and you will need to defeat the enemies in the area until the door opens.

Once you are inside the next room, continue fighting through the enemies and proceed once gain to the waypoint.

As you go through multiple areas, you will need to clear enemies but later on things become more complicated as you will need to power the doors to move forward.

Once you come across a locked door, an Arc-Charged Knight will appear and you will need to defeat it to obtain a power source for opening the door.

Pick up the power source once you have defeated its bearer and head to the generator marked by a waypoint to interact with it.

3) Clear the Hive and Charge the Final Battery

Once you reach the Auxilary Room, you will find yourself in a large room with Wrathborne as well as a boss named Sumok, Ravager of Torobatl.

You will need to defeat Sumok but as you reduce its health, it becomes invulnerable and you will need to defeat Wrathborn Knights to make them drop a pool of soulfire.

Standing in a pool of soulfire will allow you to damage Sumok’s shields, eventually allowing you to defeat it too.

4) Restore Auxiliary Power

After you have defeated Sumok and cleared out the remaining Wrathborn, you will need to head over to the console marked by a waypoint.

Interact with it to restore auxiliary power and shortly after this is done, the mission will be complete.

Operation Archimedes Rewards

Completing the Operation Archimedes mission will reward you with Exo Frame Reputation (40) as well as some glimmer and legendary gear.

This also completes the Operation Archimedes triumph.


  • Watch out for enemies that try to swarm you as they can be quite deadly if you get caught in the middle of a large group.
  • When avoiding the sights from the outer defenses, you should wait for the timer to reset before continuing to sneak around.
  • Sumok can be hard to kill if you do not take cover as he can do a lot of damage to you when you are out in the open, use cover to survive.


You have successfully restored the Auxiliary Power but this seems to be only the first step of many as there is more needed for the Warmind’s restoration.

The Wrathborn will most likely have come in great numbers but the right moves and weapons look like they have helped you survive.

Hopefully, with the effort that you have put in, Ana Bray may be able to bring him back before things get too unstable.

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