How To Find & Tame Wild Babies in ARK Survival Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended has introduced many changes and they have even added Wild Babies, so you will see tiny little creatures following their parents now and then.

These smaller creatures won’t attack you, but their parents will and if you are wondering how, you can claim the wild babies, you can as a matter of fact.

The thing is, without dealing with the parents first, you won’t be able to tame their babies, but this can be handled in different ways.

Wild creature babies in Ark ascended

How To Find Wild Babies?

Wild Babies can be found wandering about with their parents and this spawn randomly once a creature spawns in the game.

You will often see the creature wandering around and if you notice smaller creatures that look the same, these are their babies.

Babies will continuously follow their parents regardless of if you are attacking any of them, making it easy to track them down.

How To Tame Wild Babies?wild babies ark ascended

Once you have found Wild Babies out in the open, you will have two choices, which are to kill or tame their parents as this will allow you to claim them afterward.

Claiming a baby creature is the same as claiming one that you have bred, instantly making it yours but its level will remain the same.

You will of course have to feed the baby and wait for it to mature just as if you bred it yourself and you can also imprint on it.

This means that if you are going for higher-level tames, you might want to tame their parents so that they have bonus levels.

Wild Baby Food

Wild Babies will grow on their own if you leave them alone but once claimed, they will need a lot of food since babies consume food faster than adults.

They will eventually progress from baby to juvenile until they become adults and once this happens you will no longer be able to claim them.

If a claimed baby creature is left without food, this can result in its death unless it becomes a juvenile, which gives it the ability to eat from Food Troughs.

Killing Wild Baby Creatures

Should you prefer not to tame the Baby Creatures after taming their parents, you can always kill them and harvest their bodies as they will provide you with Prime Meat.

Leaving a Wild Baby will later result in it growing into an adult, which is a way of a server repopulating but there is a chance they will despawn later.

You can always claim the creatures and use them for breeding or as expendable tames should you need them for any reason.

Why Did My Baby Die?

If a claimed Wild Baby died, this may have been a result of starvation as babies tend to eat up what you put in their inventory very fast.

This makes it important to check now and then to see if they still have a food source until they become juveniles.

You can check your Tribe Log to see what the cause of death was as this may have been due to starvation, or it may have been killed.


Wild Babies are one of the best ways you can get early tames but the downside is that you do not get a bonus to their levels when you claim them.

This is still good for many other purposes, especially if you have just started and need tames, providing you with multiple creatures like the one you killed or tamed.

The Wild Babies you find will always spawn at random, so there is no prediction when you will find them and you should keep a lookout.

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