How To Join Cross Platform Servers on Ark Survival Ascended

With Ark Ascended released, people are beginning to get into the game when it comes to PC but those who are using consoles are wondering if they will get to play the game.

While this new game running on Unreal Engine 5 will be coming to consoles, some are wondering if there will be cross platform multiplayer available, and thankfully this has been confirmed.

Players will indeed be able to play together regardless of what they are playing it on, and this will all work out if they join the same server.

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What is Cross Platform?

Back then, some games wouldn’t allow players to join each other if they were playing on different devices, which prevented you from having fun with friends.

A feature now known as Cross Platform allows you to play with other players even if you are on a different system.

Although not all games have this feature, many of the newer games being released that have a lot of multiplayer going on include this so you don’t have to play on a different device.

Does Ark Survival Ascended Have Cross Platform Feature?

It has been confirmed that Ark Survival Ascended will have Cross Platform but initially, the game has been released on Steam and is purchasable from other platforms as well.

Once the game has been released for the Xbox, which is expected to be on November 14, 2023, players will be able to join each other on the same servers.

Regarding those who plan to play it after buying it from the PlayStation Store, the game will be playable only on the PS5 once it is available sometime in November 2023.

How To Join Cross Platform Servers?

Players can join each other on the same server just as you would on any platform and all you need to do is search for the server and join it.

The game allows you to play together with others even if they are on a different platform and you will be able to experience the same things.

In Ark Survival Evolved, players on consoles did not have access to the same version of the game but it looks like this time things will be different, and this may include mods.


With Cross Platform compatibility in mind, things become even more fun as you don’t have to have a certain device to play with your friends.

Once the release for Xbox and PS5 is out, you start a whole new adventure with your friends regardless of what they are using to play the game.

It seems that even if you get a head start, players who are on console will be able to join you on the same server even after the late release.

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