Genshin Impact: Where the Heart Finds Rest Quest

Genshin Where the Heart Finds Rest (Archon Quest)

After previously obtaining both the Adepti Sigil and Wonder Core, you will now need to go to Ningguang’s secretary to give it.

During this quest, Baiwen will announce something and here you will know who will win the contest led by Lady Ningguang.

In this quest, you will encounter the Avenger of the Vortex and we will also know the true power of Shenhe.

How To Get Where the Heart Finds Rest?

Where the Heart Finds Rest quest will be activated once you have collected the Wonder Core and Adepti Sigil in the Bygones Times Like Dust Passing Quest.

Where the Heart Finds Rest Quest Steps

1) Give the Wonder Cores and Adepti Sigils to the Secretary

Go back to the place where the Jade Chamber is being made, which can be seen outside the Golden House.

When you are there, talk to Baiwen to trigger a scene. After you have given the materials to Baiwen, she will announce the winner of the contest.

2) Talk to Ningguang at the Jade Chamber

Once Baiwen leads you to the Jade Chamber, you must head over to speak with Ningguang to witness the raising of the Jade Chamber.

Following the cutscene, you will find yourself facing the wife of Osial who is named Beisht, The Avenger of the Vortex.

3) Defeat Beisht, “The Avenger of the Vortex”

When the scene where Shenhe enters a whirlpool made by Beisht you will start fighting it underwater, where you can use Shenhe here as a Trial Character with your party.

4) Speak to Ningguang

Upon defeating Beisht, the Avenger of the Vortex, leave the domain and a scene will suddenly play where Zengmao the Millelith guard will thank you for defeating Beisht.

Lady Ningguang will tell you to go to Jade Chamber once you are recovered to celebrate the newly built Jade Chamber and for defeating the Beisht.

5) Head to the Jade Chamber to Take Part in the Victory Feast

Teleport back to the Jade Chamber and head towards everyone to trigger a cutscene that will give you some more backstory on Shenhe along with Yun Jin’s opera.

Where the Heart Finds Rest Rewards

After you have completed Where the Heart Finds Rest quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, Mora, and other additional rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 650 Adventure EXP
  • 23,425 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 60 Primogem
  • 2 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore 
  • 2 Dragonheir’s False Fin


Finally, the Jade Chamber has been formed again, thanks to the help of you and your companions, you will also witness how it floats again.

After you and Shenhe defeat the Avenger of the Vortex, Lady Ningguang will thank you for the Heroism you did.

Now that the problem of building the Jade Chamber is over, you will continue your journey again to get more information on your sibling.

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