Destiny 2 Europa Security Drone Locations

D2 All Europa Security Drone Locations

Season of the Seraph introduced a new weapon, the Revision Zero and now that you have it, you can start destroying Security Drones.

Back then players were wondering what they were and could not deal any damage to them but with the Revision Zero equipped, now you can.

Security Drones have been scattered all around Europa and destroying them will give you XP, Glimmer, and Seraph Umbral Energy.

All Europa Security Drone Locations

Below are all the 10 locations for the Security Drones on Europa, each of them can be destroyed and will later unlock a triumph.

1) Security Drone 1 (Beyond)

This Security Drone can be found when you fast travel Beyond and can be seen from a distance above the Ziggurat.

2) Security Drone 2 (Asterion Abyss)

Another Security Drone can be found in the Asterion Abyss at the top left corner of the area, it can be found at the entrance of a cave.

3) Security Drone 3 (Asterion Abyss)

Tucked away at the side of a mountain is another Security Drone and you can spot it from the top of one of the Vex structures in the Asterion Abyss.

4) Security Drone 4 (Concealed Void Lost Sector – Asterion Abyss)

There is one Security Drone hidden in the Concealed Void Lost Sector that can be found in the Asterion Abyss, it is hidden under part of a structure in a large room full of Vex Milk.

5) Security Drone 5 (Cadmus Ridge)

To the right part of the Cadmus Ridge, you will find one of the Security Drones tucked near a Vex structure, and can see it from a distance.

6) Security Drone 6 (Cadmus Ridge)

Outside of the Bray Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge, you can spot the Security Drone hidden to the right when looking outside.

7) Security Drone 7 (Bunker E15 – Eventide Ruins)

The Bunker E15 Security Drone can be found just as you continue making your way through the Lost Sector and you will notice it as you pass by the window, requiring you to go around it.

8) Security Drone 8 (Eventide Ruins)

Just outside of Bunker E15 at the Eventide Ruins, you can spot another Security Drone hidden just above in a small opening.

9) Security Drone 9 (Eventide Ruins)

Another Security Drone can be located just to the north of the Eventide Ruins and you can find it within a structure at the very end.

10) Security Drone 10 (Perdition Lost – Cadmus Ridge)

The Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge has one of the Security Drones and it can be found to the right just where the Lost Sector Chest is located.


Most of the Security Drones in Europa are scattered in various locations and some are close to others, making it easy to get them in one go.

Although a few of them can be a bit tricky to find, you can usually spot them from a distance or whenever you are at the right angle.

Destroying all 10 of the Security Drones located in Europa will reward you with the Drone Destruction I Triumph.

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