Should You Choose To Accept It Part 2 Quest Steps: Destiny 2

D2 Should You Choose To Accept It Part II

The pursuit to improve Revision Zero continues and this time there is another schematic that needs to be obtained.

To further unlock its capabilities, you will need to find what is needed to improve Revision Zero beyond its current state.

This means that you will once again need to return to Seraph Station to face challenges once more if you want to get this done.

How to Get Should You Choose To Accept It Part 2 Quest?

Should You Choose to Accept It Part 2 became available during the Week 5 of Season of the Seraph and is available after completing Should You Choose To Accept It Part 1.

This quest is available once you have the Revision Zero and needs to be completed to obtain one of its catalysts.

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 2 Quest Steps

Step 1: Return to the Archimedes Annex and Download the Cryptographic Index

You will be returning once more to the Diocles Annex and will have to complete it to download the cryptographic index.

This can be done at the Warmind Facility which becomes available after you have accepted the quest from the Exo Frame.

  • Download Index

Step 2: Travel to the Moon For Further Instructions

After you have downloaded the cryptographic index, your next step is to head to the Moon to figure out what needs to be done next.

Step 3: Decrypt the Passcode Cipher by Completing Patrols and Defeating Combatants on the Moon

Just like with the previous quest for Revision Zero, you will need to defeat combatants as well as complete patrols on the Moon.

Doing patrols can help progress faster but you can always do Lost Sectors until this quest step has been completed.

  • Decrypt Cipher

Step 4: Locate the Dead Drop in the K1 Logistics Lost Sector of Archer’s Line, and Upload the Cipher

You will need to reach the end of the K1 Logistics Lost Sector and locate the Dead Drop, which can be found at the end of the area.

Interacting with it will complete this quest step.

  • Locate Dead Drop

Step 5: Launch Operation Seraph’s Shield on Legend Difficulty and Find the Weapon Schematic

This quest step requires that you start the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission on Legend difficulty to make the schematic appear.

The schematic will be at the end of a vent that you later need to go inside and it will be marked as soon as you are nearby.

  • Recover Schematic

Don’t leave the mission after you obtain the schematic though, because the next step requires you to remain in the mission.

Step 6: Complete Operation Seraph’s Shield on Legend Difficulty to Successfully Obtain the Catalyst

With the schematic obtained, you will now need to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield to finish the quest.

Should You Choose To Accept It Part 2 Rewards

Completing this quest will reward you with the Pressurized Refit catalyst for the Revision Zero, which can be installed when you shape the weapon or reshape it.

Pressurized Refit improves the stability and accuracy of the Revision Zero as the magazine gets lower. 


With yet another catalyst obtained, you can now further modify the Revision Zero to better fit your preferences.

The additional accuracy and stability will make Revision Zero easier to use when it comes to tough situations.

Another addition to the weapon has made it more customizable but later on, you will be back for more at the Seraph Station for more upgrades.

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