How To Get Vex Milk in Destiny 2 (Dawning Event 2023)

D2 Dawning Event“An Ingredient that adds a bit of radiolarian liquid to anything it touches”

Vex Milk is a material that is available during the Dawning Event in Destiny 2 which requires you to defeat a certain faction to obtain it.

By its name alone and even if it sounds nasty, Vex Milk has a close connection to the Vex, making them your initial target for obtaining it.

There are certain recipes in Eva’s Holiday Oven that may be cooked using Vex Milk, which can be given out to celebrate the event.

Where To Get Vex Milk?D2VexMilk

Vex Milk can be obtained in any location where there is Vex present and some of the best locations are on Europa and Nessus.

How To Get Vex Milk?

Each Vex enemy that is killed has a chance to drop Vex Milk, which makes it efficient to go to places where you can kill several of them.

While Strikes and Heist Battlegrounds that have Vex enemies would be a good choice, Lost Sectors are a great way to farm Vex Milk.

This is because you can repeat the Lost Sector as much as you need until you have the amount of Vex Milk that you want.

Vex Milk Uses

Vex Milk is an ingredient that is used to make recipes that later allow you to give gifts to specific NPCs in the game. 

Recipes that require Vex Milk include the following:

  • Telemetry Tapioca
  • Infinite Forest Cake
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies


We found that the Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge on Europa is a great place to farm Vex Milk and you can get a good amount in minutes.

Simply killing all the Vex you can find during the event will provide you with a good amount of Vex Milk as the drop chance is not that bad.

It would be good to farm a few of these for making some of the recipes that you can later give for rewards during the event.

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