Bygones Times Like Dust Passing Quest: Genshin Impact

Genshin Bygones Times Like Dust Passing (Archon Quest)

After you have succeeded in obtaining the Sunset Vermillionite in a previous quest, you will now continue to find other materials for rebuilding the Jade Chamber.

During this quest, you will get information from Ningguang’s secretary to find out where the rest of the things needed for the Jade Chamber are located.

While you are on the quest, you will meet other characters and they will help you a lot to continue your journey.

How To Get Bygones Times Like Dust Passing?

This Bygones Times Like Dust Passing quest will be available once you have finished the Seagaze Sunset quest.

Bygones Times Like Dust Passing Quest Objectives

1) Go to the Worksite to Ask Around for News

Head over to the worksite by following the yellow mark objective until you reach it, once you get there, a cutscene will be played.

You will see Baiwen and two Unknown characters who seem to be talking, and suddenly Baiwen will approach you and thank you for bringing the Plausterite.

After Baiwen left, one of the characters recognized you, and she introduced herself named Beidou, anyway she also introduced Ms.Yun.

It seems they have a plan that if you work together to find other materials, you have a better chance of reaching the top 3 of this contest.

2) Ask Master Zhang About Wonder Cores 

Teleport to the Sea of Clouds, Liyue waypoint, and follow the yellow objective marker until you reach the place of Master Zhang. 

Once you are there, a cutscene will be played again, Master Zhang will tell you that you need to be kind to forge the Wonder Cores.

He tells you also where to find it, and you must use your Vision to see it.

3) Go to the Southwestern Side of Mt.Tianheng

Use the teleport and go to Lisha, Liyue and walk a few meters to trigger a scene, Yun Jin will tell you a short story about the Divine Damsel of Devastation.

4) Use Visions to Find the Starsplinter Iron

You will need to find two pieces of Starsplinter Iron, so climb up to the top of the nearby rock to find the first piece then look directly ahead to find the second one.

5) Ask the Old Man for Information About Subrosium

Once you have collected those two Starsplinter Iron, head over to the village southwest and speak with the villager to know if he has any information on where to find Subrosium.

6) Search for Records Left Behind in the Village

Climb up the wall to the left of the villager and interact with the golden marker near the destroyed wooden shack.

Then enter the abandoned building and interact with another marker near some barrels to discover some backstory on Shenhe’s father.

7) Continue Searching for Records Concerning Ore

Next up, head up the stairs and enter another broken building to find the final marker which will point you in the right direction of Subrosium.

8) Talk to Shenhe

Go back to Shenhe to trigger a scene, it looks like the Mingjun is apologizing to Shenhe and suddenly you came back to speak with Shenhe.

Paimon tells Shenhe that they have a piece of information about where to find the Subrosium, and they will go there to look for it.

9) Go to the Middle of the Lake

 Head over to the south and follow the yellow objective marker until you have reached it, Walk over to the rock in the center of the lake.

10) Wait Until Evening (around 17:30)

You may use your clock to fast forward the time by looking at the menu screen and adjusting the time to 17:30 to initiate a short scene.

11) Look for Subrosium

Right after you change the time, walk over to the west side of the lake, and climb to the big rock and you will see the Subrosium.

12) Give the Two Types of Ore You Found to Master Zhang

Teleport back to Liyue Harbor and go back to Master Zhang to give the two items which are the Starsplinter Iron and the Subrosium.

Bygones Times Like Dust Passing Rewards

After you have completed the Bygones Times Like Dust Passing quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, and Mora as well as additional rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 625 Adventure EXP
  • 22,575 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 1 Wonder Core
  • 1 Adepti Sigil
  • 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 2 Hero’s Wit


You have finally found the two items that are needed to forge the Wonder Cores and you must pass them to Baiwen.

It seems that Ming Jun is the friend of Shenhe’s father and he’s asking for an apology for the loss of Shenhe’s father.


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