Genshin Impact: Those Who Yearn for the God’s Gaze Quest

Genshin Those Who Yearn for the God's Gaze (Archon Quest)

After you prove the position given to you by Sangonomiya Kokomi, she will give you a new assignment where you investigate the ancient ruins.

It looks like there are locations that need to be investigated and this may be an easy task, but it still requires your attention.

Something strange seems to be happening in your area that cannot be explained, and you have been tasked to find out what is going on.

How To Get Those Who Yearn for the Gods’ Gaze?

You will obtain Those Who Yearn for the God’s Gaze quest once you have completed the first quest of Chapter 2 Act 4 which is the Sword, Fish, Resistance quest.

Those Who Yearn for the Gods’ Gaze Quest Objectives

1) Go and Investigate the Ancient Ruins

After Teppei left to start his special assignment, you were assigned to go to ancient ruins, Head over to one of the small islands east of High Village.

2) Investigate the Ancient Ruins

Continue following the waypoint until you reach the Electro Monuments, which need you to use an Electro character to activate them.

3) Defeat Attacking Monsters

Once the Electro monuments are activated, a Thunderhelm Lawachurl will suddenly appear, and you must defeat it.

4) Chat with Paimon

After you defeat the Thunderhelm Lawachurl, Paimon will tell you that she has a different fear while here in the ancient ruins.

A cutscene begins where you will find out that something has changed as Teppei has gotten weaker for some reason.

5) Return to Headquarters and Talk to Sangonomiya Kokomi

Return to Sangonomiya Shrine and speak with Kokomi and Goru, you’ll come to know that some of the Resistance Soldiers are suddenly aging very quickly.

When they ask you if you know anything about it, it is later revealed that it is the work of Fatui with the distribution of their Delusions.

6) Look for Teppei

After the cutscene, you will need to find Teppei, who can be found at Bourou village (marked by a waypoint) to speak with him.

The cutscene later ends with Teppei being very weak and the Traveler rushing off in a hurry to find a way to save him.

Those Who Yearn for the God’s Gaze Rewards

After you have completed Those Yearn for the God’s Gaze quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, and Mora.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 450 Adventure EXP
  • 22,000 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 2 Hero’s Wit
  • 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore


It turns out that what the soldiers thought would be helpful may have contributed to their downfall.

The Fatui turn out to be distributing Delusions, which grant special abilities to those who wield them at a dire cost.

Now with you fresh on the trail, it looks like it will be the time to figure out where all the Delusions are coming from and how to stop them.

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