ARK: How to Get Amarberry

ARK Amarberry

Amarberry is one of the different types of berries that you can find in Ark, known precisely for its yellow color.

This resource is a consumable that may be eaten to recover a small amount of food and an even smaller amount of water.

Although the Amarberry can mainly be eaten to replenish a bit, it also has other uses such as for making other consumables and different dyes.

How to Farm Amarberry?

You can easily get Amarberry by harvesting the bushes and other plants which yield berries as well Fiber with your bare hands.

A better way to harvest these bushes and plants would be to use a tamed creature such as a Therizinosaur, Brontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and more.

One of the best ways to get Amarberry, is to plant Amarberry Seeds in multiple crop plots, which will grow into plants that yield them.

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Amarberry Uses

Amarberries can be used to restore a small amount of food and water, this can help the player from being knocked out due to hunger or thirst.

Later on, when you have the means to cook, you can use Amarberries to create multiple consumables and dye.


  • Basic Kibble
  • Cactus Broth
  • Calien Soup
  • Focal Chili


  • Brown Coloring
  • Cantaloupe Coloring
  • Cyan Coloring
  • Forest Coloring
  • Green Coloring
  • Mud Coloring
  • Olive Coloring
  • Orange Coloring
  • Parchement Coloring
  • Tan Coloring
  • Tangerine Coloring
  • Yellow Coloring

Amarberry Expiration Time

The Amarberries that you hold in your inventory will last 10 minutes before expiring or 40 minutes when in the inventory of a tamed creature.

A Preserving Bin can be used to raise the spoiling time to up to 1 hour and 40m minutes or for 16 hours and 40 minutes in a Refrigerator.


One of the most important consumables that require Amarberry is Focal Chili, as it aids players when it comes to movement speed when exploring or crafting speed when crafting.

Amarberries can be a good source of temporary food and water, especially when players are gaining torpor due to lack of either or both needs.

Recipes that require Amarberry can not substitute it for another type of berry and must be completed with this specific one.

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