ARK: How to Get Tintoberry

ARK Tintoberry

Distinguishable by its red color, the Tintoberry is one of the different berries that can ba harvested in Ark by players.

Players may consume this berry in order to replenish a small amout of food or a tiny amount of water when needed.

Aside from being an edible, this berry is also a resource necessary for crafting important consumables that players can use, much like the Medical Brew.

How To Farm Tintoberry?

There are two ways to get Tintoberry, which is harvesting plants for berries (and other resources) or by growing them from crop plots.

Players can handpick the berries from different plants and even use tamed creatures to make harvesting faster, such as the Therizinosaur, Brontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and more.

Tintoberries can be grown by placing Tintoberry Seed and Fertilizer (or Feces) into a crop plot, which requires a supply of water.

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Tintoberry Ingot Uses

At the start of the game, you will commonly be using Tintoberries as a source of food, which provides little hunger and an even smaller amount of water.

Later on, you may use Tintoberry to craft certain consumables which are helpful for, later on, especially Medical Brew.

Certain dyes in Ark require Tintoberries, which are used mainly for coloring your items, tames, and even structures.

One of the kibbles known as Basic Kibble requires Tintoberries along with other ingredients to be cooked.


  • Basic Kibble
  • Calien Soup
  • Focal Chili
  • Medical Brew


  • Brick Coloring
  • Brown Coloring
  • Cantaloupe Coloring
  • Magenta Coloring
  • Mud Coloring
  • Orange Coloring
  • Pink Coloring
  • Purple Coloring
  • Red Coloring
  • Royalty Coloring
  • Tan Coloring
  • Tangerine Coloring

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Tintoberry Expiration Time

Tintoberries do not take long to expire after being harvested and will last for up to 10 minutes in a player’s inventory or 40 minutes in a tamed creature’s inventory.

Storing Tintoberries in a Preserving Bin preserves it for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes while a Refrigerator preserves them for 16 hours and 40 minutes.


One of the most important uses of Tintoberry is for crafting Medical Brew, as players require it to replenish health when they are away from their base.

Aside from being eaten as a primary food source, Tintoberry also helps restore a tiny bit of water, good enough to prevent fainting.

Planting Tintoberry Seeds and growing them within Greenhouse Walls and Ceilings will offer a good amount of this resource over time.

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