ARK: How to Get Giant Bee Honey

ARK Giant Bee Honey

Giant Bee Honey is a consumable resource in Ark which was created by the Giant Bees that live in certain locations.

This resource can be harvested and even produced later on by obtaining the means to own your own Bee Hive.

This resource may be consumed to restore food and health or used in crafting other items that may players can use.

How to Get Giant Bee Honey?

Giant Bee Honey can be obtained by approaching the small wild Bee Hives that can be seen around the different maps.

Once you interact with a wild Bee Hive, Giant Bees will spawn and attack you, which you must outrun, or else they will damage and even dismount you.

One of the best ways to gather Giant Bee Honey is to use a Dire Bear, which allows you to gather twice as much, without causing bees to attack you.

In Crystal Isles, there is a large cave known as the Cave of the Bees, which allows you to farm an insane amount of Giant Bee Honey.

Players may farm a decent amount of Giant Bee Honey in Valguero by visiting The Emerald Forest, but it is advised to use a Dire Bear due to the multiple Bee Hives that stack.

How To Make Giant Bee Honey?

Instead of heading out to harvest a small amount from wild Bee Hives, players may tame a Giant Queen Bee.

Once a Giant Queen Bee has been tamed, you may pick it up and this will create a Bee Hive Structure in your inventory.

You may place the Bee Hive and when it has Rare Flower in its inventory, it will begin to produce Giant Bee Honey.

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Giant Bee Honey Uses

Giant Bee Honey can be consumed by players to restore food and health, but it is also a key ingredient in crafting some consumables.

It is also possible to lure nearby creatures when you toss honey onto the ground, done by placing it in your last inventory slot and using it.

Some creatures such as the Dire Bear, Megatherium, Moschops, and Mole Rate can be tamed with honey, as well as the Liopleurodon, a temporary tame which needs it as well.

Honey may also be used for fishing bait, being a substitute or choice to Sap and Leech Blood.

Giant Bee Honey is required to craft Extraordinary Kibble and Sweet Vegetable Cake, taming foods required for specific creatures.


One should be cautious when farming Giant Bee Honey, as the Giant Bees can dismount you and even kill you if your health is low.

Crafting Extraordinary Kibble and Sweet Vegetable Cake is important for taming certain creatures, making a good supply of Giant Bee Honey necessary.

In the absence of other healing items, players may consume Giant Bee Honey to regenerate a bit of health.

Taming a Giant Bee Queen is a good step towards gaining your supply of Giant Bee Honey as will come in handy later on.

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