ARK: How To Get Leech Blood

ARK Leech Blood

Leech Blood is a resource that is obtained from specific creatures in Ark and although it may not be the most pleasant thing to have in your inventory, it still has its uses.

One of the most important needs for Leech Blood is creating a cure to a disease passed on by Diseased Leeches and other debuffs.

Although you may not always need Leech Blood, it is important to know where to get it, especially when you will be paying visits to swamps and caves where you can get sick.

How to Collect Leech Blood?

Leech Blood can be obtained by killing creatures such as Leeches, Lamprey, and Deathworms, killing them to collect the items or harvesting them from the bodies.

These creatures can be found across different maps in Ark, Leeches, and Lamprey being the easiest to kill, while Deathworms provide quite a challenge.

Leeches are the most common sources of Leech Blood and can easily be found in swamp biomes on different maps.

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Leech Blood Uses

Leech Blood is used to Lesser Antidote, a consumable that allows you to cure multiple sicknesses and debuffs such as Swamp Fever, Mega Rabies, Gnashed, and even Dilosphosaur Venom.

It can also be used as bait when fishing, which allows you to catch better fish than you could with Sap but not as good as with Giant Bee Honey.

Leech Blood Expiry

There is currently no way to preserve Leech Blood aside from having a full stack of it, making it quite scarce at times for players.

It is best to farm this resource when you plan on actually using it so that it does not go to waste after collecting it.

Even though you can place Leech Blood in a Preserving Bin, it will not prolong the expiration timer.


Leech Blood may be nasty but it sure can be useful when it comes to tough situations in swamp biomes or caves.

Your survival may depend on your ability to harvest this resource as there are certain sicknesses in Ark that can ruin a whole adventure if you are not ready.

When fishing, Leech Blood is a better choice than Sap and can help you get better results or rewards.

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