ARK: How To Get Human Hair

ARK Human Hair

As strange as it may seem, even Human Hair is a resource that can be used in Ark, which is quite handy as it can substitute Wool and Pelt.

If you lack Wool and Pelt but have no means to farm them, you can always use Human Hair as a substitute when crafting.

The results will be the same and you can always get more from time to time, especially when there are several members in a tribe.

How to Collect Human Hair?

Human Hair can be obtained once players have access to Scissors, which is craftable once you reach level 21 and requires 35x Flint, 5x Obsidian, and 6x Metal Ingot.

Scissors can be used to Shear an Ovis but they can also be used to cut Human Hair and even allow you to change your character’s hairstyle in the process.

To collect human hair from a human, you will need to equip the Scissors and press the primary fire button to collect for others or the zoom button to collect from yourself.

The shorter you make your hair or the hair of your target when using Scissors, the more Human Hair will be collected.

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Human Hair Uses

Originally, Pelt was one of the most used items when it came to crafting Fur Equipment, Bunk Beds, and more, but Wool and Human Hair have become substitutes.

Aside from being a substitute for Wool and Pelt, there are not many uses for Human Hair, except if you are playing on a modded unofficial server.

One of the most popular mods which require Human Hair is Structures Plus, which requires Human Hair for crafting the S+ Nanny.

For more about farming Pelt and what can be crafted (with Human Hair also), check out our guide on How to Get Pelt


While it is not necessary to go on a farming spree for Human Hair by collecting the hair of everyone you meet, it is still good to keep an amount just in case you need some.

Players who tend to trim their character’s hair and beard will often be able to collect Human Hair and may even be surprised when they need it.

Until you find a source to obtain Pelt or Wool from creatures, keeping a subtle amount of Human Hair may prove useful when you need to craft certain items.

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