How To Get Sulfur in ARK

ARK Sulfur

One of the resources introduced when Scorched Earth came out is Sulfur, which is used mainly for crafting items that were also introduced in the map.

Sulfur is a resource that has a few uses which include preservation as well as several flammable items which can be used to set things on fire.

Although not all maps may have Sulfur, those that do have quite an abundance of the resource, making it easy to farm on other maps.

How to Get Sulfur?

Sulfur can be gathered by mining yellow rocks which can mostly be found in desert areas or the higher parts of mountains.

They can also be obtained by killing and harvesting the bodies of Wyverns, Rock Elementals, and Magmasaur.

Like other rocks in the game, it is best to harvest Sulfur from Sulfur Rocks or Nodes with a pick, Ankylosaurus or Mantis equipped with a Metal or Stone Pick.

Later on, when you have the Mining Drill, you can use this to harvest Sulfur Rocks but not the bodies of creatures.

Maps that have Sulfur include:

  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero
  • Genesis Part 1
  • Crystal Isles

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Sulfur Uses

At the moment, Sulfur is only used for a few items which are the Flamethrower, Preserving Salt, and another resource known as Propellant.

Flamethrowers are used to set things on fire, while Preserving Salt is used to extend the expiration timer of perishable items.

Propellant, on the other hand, is used to craft other flammable objects which were also introduced in Scorched Earth such as Flame Arrow, Flamethrower Ammo, Oil Jar, and even Cluster Grenades.

Sulfur can also be used when taming a Rock Golem (which also can be its natural food but Stone is cheaper) and is the only food that a Phoenix will eat once tamed.


Even if Sulfur is only obtainable on certain maps, you can still take it with you to maps that do not have it, making it easy to get on clustered servers.

Those who rely on using items such as Flamethrowers will need a lot of Sulfur to make Propellant as it is a key ingredient in making Flamethrower Ammo.

Preserving Salt has made a huge difference when it comes to preserving perishables, making taming easier due to the extended timer for taming food.

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