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Upon the inclusion of the Redwood biome in Ark, large Redwood Trees were added to the game, a source of Sap.

Sap is a resource that is described as a thick blob and although it appears to not be much of use on its own, it is needed for other purposes.

Although the Redwood Trees are abundant on certain maps, you will need to go through certain steps to get your hands-on Sap.

How to Collect Sap?

To collect Sap from the Redwood Trees (large round trees in the Redwood biome), you will need to craft Tree Sap Taps, which will be built on the side of the trees.

You may need to place a tree platform to provide a place to stand (or land your flyer) on while you place and later on collect Sap.

The best way to farm Sap is to place multiple Tree Sap Taps around a tree or a group of them and later come back to collect from all of them.

Sap will generate in each Tree Sap Tap over 10 minutes and 20 seconds, which is why having multiple once will make collecting more efficient.

Sap Tap Amargasaurus Spike Usage

Lost Island introduced the Amargasaurus to Ark which has the unique ability to replenish its spikes when they are removed.

The Amargasaurus Spikes can be collected by players and used by placing them into Sap Taps to make the Sap production process faster.

Using Amargasaurus Spikes to speed up Sap production can reduce the need to sort to other and more difficult ways to obtain Sap.

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Other Farming Methods

There are other methods when it comes to farming Sap depending on what map you are playing on, these methods are the following:

Scorched Earth

There are furry trees which are known as Joshua trees that can be harvested with a Pick or a Chainsaw to provide a good amount of Sap. (Badlands and High Desert)


There are Redwood Trees in Aberration but these cannot have tree platforms built, although they still can have Tree Sap Taps placed.


There are tree stumps that can be found in Valguero, which can be farmed for Sap as well as smaller trees located on certain islands.


Several methods of farming Sap are available on Ragnarok, which includes using Tree Sap Taps on Redwood Trees or harvesting Joshua trees in the desert island biomes.

Crystal Isles

Full of several different resources, Crystal Isles includes evergreen trees which can be harvested to obtain Sap, including using a Wyvern to collect only the Sap and no other resources.

Sap Uses

Sap is one of the lesser baits used when fishing and can be used with a Fishing Rod to catch fish and obtain other resources.

You may also use Sap to craft some of the more important consumables, including Superior Kibble and Sweet Vegetable Cake.


  • Camera


  • Absorbent Substrate


  • Mushroom Brew (Aberration)
  • Superior Kibble
  • Sweet Vegetable Cake


Each map has its method when it comes to collecting Sap, and while some are similar, there will always be a need to adjust if you play on different servers.

It is important to get Sap if you plan on taming Achatina since it is an ingredient used for the Sweet Vegetable Cake, which is used to tame it.

Creatures that require Superior Kibble also require you have a good supply of Sap for cooking up the kibble.

The more Tree Sap Taps you have across Redwood Trees, the higher the efficiency you have when collecting Sap.

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