ARK: How To Get Wool

ARK Wool

When it comes to fluffiness and a side of cute and smelly, you can probably guess that is what Wool in Ark would be like.

This resource is a replacement for Pelt and has a similarity with Human Hair but is much easier to harvest.

Where there is Ovis, the sheep in Ark, there is always an opportunity to obtain Wool for when you are short on Pelt or Human Hair.

How to Collect Wool?

Wool is a resource that can only be collected from Ovis, but this does not require you to kill the cute creature, but rather to just sheer its Wool.

To do this, you will need to craft Scissors and use them by pressing the primary attack button when they are equipped as you face the Ovis.

An Ovis will appear fluffy when its Wool has grown back and almost bald after you sheer the Wool off of it, making it noticeable when you can collect from them again.

You do not have to tame an Ovis to sheer the Wool off of it and this will not make it panic either, it will simply ignore you as you take its Wool.

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Wool Uses

Wool does not have any other specific use other than being a substitute for Pelt, similar to Human Hair but sometimes more efficient to collect.

For more information about Pelt and what you can craft with it, check out our guide on How to Get Pelt.

Tamed Ovis and Wool

Instead of having to go around searching for Ovis to sheer, you can tame them and bring them back to your base to keep for an unlimited supply.

To tame an Ovis you will simply need Sweet Vegetable Cake, and afterward, your Ovis will from then on only need berries when hungry.

Breeding Ovis will increase the amount of Wool you get and you can even slaughter a few from time to time for Raw Mutton.


Unlike collecting resources from most creatures in Ark, you can safely collect Wool from Ovis without harming them or scaring them away.

Collecting a bunch of Ovis is a good idea for those who don’t have access to places with lots of Pelt, providing them with a close alternative.

Ovis do not require much after being tamed, making them a great source for both Pelt and the Raw Mutton they provide.

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