ARK: How To Make Preserving Salt

ARK Preserving Salt

It can be quite annoying when you have just harvested a certain resource such as berries, meat, and more just to have it expire quickly.

With Preserving Salt, you can prolong the length of an item’s expiry timer simply by making use of Preserving Salt.

The good thing about Preserving Salt is that you can harvest its required resources in large amounts and stack them a few times for a longer effect.

How to Craft Preserving Salt?

Preserving Salt can be learned once you reach Level 5 and is craftable in the Mortar and Pestle, Chemistry Bench as well as in the inventory of an Equus with a saddle.

To craft Preserving Salt, you will need to collect Sulfur from yellow rocks in the desert biomes or mountains and Raw Salt from dinosaur bones.

You can craft Preserving Salt by piece in the Mortar and Pestle or Equus Saddle or by bulk in a Chemistry Bench.

Mortar and Pestle

You can use 2x Raw Salt and 1x Sulfur to craft 1x Preserving Salt in the Mortar and Pestle or Equus Inventory. (with saddle)

Chemistry Bench

To craft bulk amounts of Preserving Salt (6x pieces), you can use 8x Raw Salt and 4x Sulfur and craft it in the Chemistry Bench.

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Preserving Salt Uses

Probably more understandable by its name, it preserves items, and to do this, you simply need to keep the Preserving Salt as well as the items that expire in the same storage.

This works well when preserving Raw Prime Meat or Raw Mutton after you have freshly gathered it since these items spoil fast.

Using Preserving Salt in a Preserving Bin adds even more duration to its contents (still need Sparkpowder for the main effect) to double the preservation effects.

Creatures that have perishables in their inventory prolong the expiration time and adding Preserving Salt will double this for a longer expiration timer.

Unaffected Perishables (Unpreservable Items)

Not all items can be preserved sadly, which makes it hard to preserve items such as Cryopods, Corrupted Nodule, and Organic Polymer.

You can however place Cryopods in Cryofridge, Organic Polymer in Achatina but so far there is no luck with Corrupted Nodules.


For longer adventures and taming expeditions, it is good to keep some Preserving Salt with you to place in the inventory of a creature holding your perishables.

When taming a creature, you will want to put Preserving Salt in its inventory along with your taming items to prolong the expiration timer.

While it is possible to carry Preserving Salt in your inventory along with perishables, it’s better to keep them in your tamed creatures to increase the expiration timer.

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