ARK: How To Get Raw Mutton

ARK Raw Mutton

Raw Mutton is probably the most delicious piece of meat right now in Ark, which is probably why all the carnivores love it.

This resource or consumable is a delicacy to carnivores and used for taming but can also be cooked and later on eaten by humans too.

Although there is a high demand for this resource, the methods to obtain it are very limited, specifically to only one creature.

How to Farm Raw Mutton?

To farm Raw Mutton, you will need to find Ovis and kill it to harvest its meat (Raw Mutton) once you have slain the poor creature.

Yes, it is sad but you must slaughter this cute and cuddly creature to obtain its juicy and delicious meat but that doesn’t mean you have to go out every time.

A good way to farm Raw Mutton is to simply tame a few Ovis and continuously breed them to keep them as livestock.

You can equip a melee weapon, mainly Pick or better yet a Chainsaw and interact with the Ovis to use the Slaughter feature to instantly kill it.

Once the Ovis is killed, use your farming tool (Chainsaw does a good job) and collect the meat from the corpse.

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Raw Mutton Uses

The most popular use for Raw Mutton is to tame carnivores, as this is one of the highest taming foods there are aside from the special kibbles they eat.

The downside of Raw Mutton is that it has a stack size of only 1 (similar to prime meat) making the need for items such as Preserving Salt or storing it in a tame necessary.

It is also possible to cook Raw Mutton in a Campfire or an Industrial Grill to create Cooked Lamb Chop, a very efficient food for Humans and taming food for other creatures.

Raw Mutton Expiry

Raw Mutton expires fast just like with Raw Prime Meat, which is why you should immediately place it in the inventory of your tamed creatures and even have Preserving Salt.

In the inventory of a player, Raw Mutton expires after 9 minutes and 20 seconds while it lasts 37 minutes and 20 seconds in a creature’s inventory.

Other methods are to have a Raft or creature with a platform saddle and a Refrigerator to increase the expiration to up to 15 hours and 33 minutes.


Raw Mutton plays a huge part in taming carnivores as only a few bites will allow you to tame the creatures with good taming effectiveness.

The better your methods of preserving Raw Mutton, the better your chances of taming creatures with higher levels.

An Ovis farm is a good idea for when you are planning on taming several creatures (carnivores) as the abundance of Raw Mutton will make things more efficient.

It is better to tame a few Ovis for breeding instead of going out every time to find and kill them as this can save you a lot of time and effort.

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