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ARK Charcoal

Charcoal is a resource in Ark which is mostly obtainable by collecting the remains of burnt wood, mostly that which comes from structures that use Wood as fuel.

When Wood is burnt in a structure, this produces players with Charcoal, but there are different ways structures produce Charcoal and other methods to obtain it.

You will need a lot of Charcoal in Ark due to its importance in the crafting of Gunpowder, which is needed when making ammunition.

How to Make Charcoal?

You can create Charcoal by simply leaving Wood to burn in a structure that uses it as fuel, such as a Campfire, Cooking Pot, Refining Forge, or Industrial Forge. (1 Wood becomes 1 Charcoal)

It is possible to burn Wood in torches but this can be quite tedious to collect and it is instead better to use a Refining Forge or an Industrial Forge.

Some creatures such as the Phoenix and Magmasaur allow you to produce Charcoal by placing Wood in their inventory.

A good method is to use a creature that is excellent at harvesting wood, such as a Therizinosaurus or a Castoroides, which can farm a lot of would which you can place straight into a forge.

A Refining Forge is a good start, but eventually, the best way to get Charcoal would be to stuff a ton of Wood inside of an Industrial Forge.

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Farming Charcoal

There are places such as Ragnarok and The Center, where you can find burnt trees amongst burnt land, which can be harvested for Charcoal.

You can use tools or creatures to harvest a lot of Charcoal from the brunt trees, which works well with tames such as a Therizinosaurus or even using a Pickaxe.

Charcoal Uses

Charcoal is needed to create Gunpowder, and this is very important in Ark, especially when you are playing on a PVP server as the need for ammunition is important for turrets.

Since Gunpowder is needed for items such as Simple Rifle Ammo, needed for Tranquilizer Darts, those who will be taming also need tons of this resource.

Charcoal alone is also a required resource when crafting Smoke Grenade and Poison Grenade items as well as in crafting different kinds of Dye.

Notable Farming Areas

The Center

  • Lava Biome
  • Half-Burnt Island
  • Scorched Island


  • Volcano Plains


  • The Great Trench


It is a good idea to get to work on cooking up some charcoal in a Campfire or Refining Forge early on when you start Ark as you will need this resource later.

Players can gain levels quickly by using Charcoal to create Gunpowder early on by combining it with Sparkpowder in a Mortar and Pestle a lot of experience.

When using firearms in Ark, the need for Charcoal increases due to the ammunition needed to be crafted, which also goes well for ammunition needed by turrets.

Having a steady supply of Charcoal is important for maintaining your more offensive needs in Ark and this should be farmed often.

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