ARK: How To Get Woolly Rhino Horn

ARK Woolly Rhino Horn

While one may feel bad about poaching the Woolly Rhinos in Ark, there is nothing to worry about because they do not go extinct.

Woolly Rhino Horns are an important ingredient when it comes to crafting certain consumables which makes having a few on hand a good idea.

It is also possible to tame Mantis with this resource but they still prefer Deathworm Horns more for some reason.

How to Get Woolly Rhino Horn?

There is simply only one way to obtain Wooly Rhino Horns, you have to hunt down the beasts and kill them.

This resource is not harvested from their body but it simply comes as a drop and may be collected if your tame kills the Woolly Rhino.

Killing a Woolly Rhino on your own without a tame will require that you open up its inventory and collect the horn yourself.

The best way to farm Woolly Rhino Horn is to head to cold biomes such as snowy mountains or frozen fields and to kill several of these creatures.

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Woolly Rhino Horn Uses

There are only a few uses for Woolly Rhino Horns, which is to craft the Broth of Enlightenment (needs 5 horns), a consumable that provides players with 50% increased experience for 20 minutes.

Woolly Rhino Horns can also be used as a substitute for Leech Blood or other horns when it comes to crafting certain recipes such as for the Lesser Antidote.

Mantis seems to love horns as their food when being passively tamed and may eat Wooly Rhino Horn as a taming food.


Woolly Rhino Horns are not that hard to get a majority of the maps in Ark to have cold biomes but you still need to kill the creature which may require stronger tames or weapons.

Luckily, Woolly Rhino Horns do not expire and you can keep a good amount of them stashed away in your base until you need them.

If you lack Leech Blood, Woolly Rhino Horns can save your life when you need to make an antidote.

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