ARK: How To Get Raw Salt

ARK Raw Salt

Often confused with different kinds of salts, Raw Salt is a resource in Ark that was first introduced when Scorched Earth came out.

It can be collected in a few ways, mainly from bones and fossils, and does not have that many uses aside from non-modded servers.

Raw Salt is mainly used to make Preserving Salt, which is an alternative way to preserve your perishables on the go.

How to Get Raw Salt?

Raw Salt is a harvestable resource that can be obtained by mining fossils and bones, which can be found on the following maps:

  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok
  • Valguero

Along with Raw Salt, there are mostly several spots where you can also farm its partner, Sulfur, which can be combined with it later on for Preserving Salt.

It is possible to harvest rocks that contain Raw Salt which appear to be a less shiny version of Crystal, found mostly in desert or mountain areas.

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Raw Salt Uses

There is currently only one use for Raw Salt (except for on modded servers that have mods that need it) and that is to make Preserving Salt.

Preserving Salt will allow you to increase the amount of time it takes for items in a specific inventory (with the Preserving Salt in it) to expire.

For more information on Preserving Salt, check out our guide on How To Make Preserving Salt.


Aside from being used for Preserving Salt, there is not much of a use for Raw Salt but it is important to keep some for later and not craft all of it.

Preserving Salt has an expiration timer, which means you should only craft it when you will be needing it and you should save the rest of your Raw Salt and Sulfur for later on.

Raw Salt can be harvested in larger amounts, making single farming run good enough for days without the need to collect more.

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