ARK: How to Get Stimberries

ARK Stimberry

Stimberries are one of the berries that can be found all over different maps and are obtained along with other berries.

These particular berries are known for their white color and side effects which can either be good or bad depending on the situation.

While these berries are consumable resources, they also have other important roles, especially when it comes to cooking other food items.

How To Farm Stimberry?

Stimberries are obtained when players handpick bushes and plants, providing them with a chance to get random berries, Stimberries included.

The number of berries can be increased when farming with tamed creatures, especially with a Brontosaurus, Therizinosaur, Ankylosaurus, and others.

If you have obtained Stimberry Seeds, you can plant them in crop plots that grow into plants that yield Stimberries.

To understand more about farming using crop plots, check out our guide on How to Grow Crops in Ark.

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Stimberry Uses

Stimberries have a different effect from other berries, and while they do replenish a tiny bit of health, they cause a large loss in water, dehydrating your character.

Other effects upon consuming Stimberries are the regeneration of stamina and reduction of torpor, making this essential for preventing being knocked out when poisoned or starving.

Players may use Stimberries when it comes to crafting certain Stimulant, which is needed in crafting other items.

Players may create different Dyes which can be used to color their equipment, tames, structures, and more.


  • Stimulant


  • Cantaloupe Coloring
  • Parchement Coloring
  • Pink Coloring
  • Silver Coloring
  • Sky Coloring
  • Slate Coloring
  • Tan Coloring
  • White Coloring

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Stimberry Expiration Time

Stimberries spoil after 10 minutes have passed while in a character’s inventory and 40 minutes when in the inventory of a creature.

The spoil timer may be increased to 1 hour and 40 minutes when Stimberries are placed in a Preserving Bin or 16 hours and 40 minutes when placed in a Refrigerator.


Stimberries are a great way to help players escape while being chased by other creatures, consuming the berries to gain extra stamina while running.

Later on, you may use Stimberries to craft Stimulant, which is a more potent version of Stimberries and a craftable needed for other crafting purposes.

It is not always wise to consume Stimberries alone as these may dehydrate you, but you can do so if you have other berries or a nearby supply of water.

Stimberries are needed to create Stimulant, which is an important ingredient needed to create the Mindwipe Tonic.

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