ARK: How to Get Cactus Sap

ARK Cactus Sap

Cactus Sap is a resource that was introduced when Scorched Earth arrived and can be found now on most of the desert lands in different maps in Ark.

This resource is usable on its own or with crafting different items, making it worth keeping a good amount of it as stock necessary.

This resource is mainly important in hotter areas or in the desert biomes where players have less water and suffer from the heat.

How to Get Cactus Sap?

Cactus Sap can be obtained by using tools to harvest cacti, whereas you will mostly need a Pick or Hatchet (a Chainsaw works best) to do so.

Smaller cacti can be gathered using a Whip, but the larger ones need to be harvested using tools or tamed creatures.

Desert biomes will commonly have cacti as well as certain trees which can be harvested for Cactus Sap.

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Cactus Sap Uses

Cactus Sap is used for crafting a few items, a few of these being resources that are needed for other recipes as well.

One of the most important uses for Cactus Sap is the creation of Clay, which is used to craft Adobe Structures.

The following are crafted using Cactus Sap:

Cactus Sap Expiry

Similar to berries, Cactus Sap has an expiration timer of 10 minutes when in the inventory of a character and 40 minutes in the inventory of a creature.

The expiry time can be increased by placing it inside a Preserving Bin (with Sparkpowder) for 1 hour and 40 minutes or a Refrigerator for 16 hours and 40 minutes.


Cactus Sap does not provide much to players on their own, as they give only a small amount of food when consumed.

Using Cactus Sap is best for crafting the other items that need it such as Clay for constructing certain items and structures or Propellant for equipment and ammo.

Cactus Broth is a very useful consumable that requires Cactus Sap and is great for reducing water consumption and increasing heat resistance.

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