ARK: How to Make Propellant

ARK Propellant

When it comes to setting things on fire in Ark, you will need Propellant as this is one of the main resources required for such items.

Propellant was first introduced with the arrival of the Scorched Earth map, introducing several items including a set of flame-inducing weapons.

This resource is not obtained by harvesting, but rather from being crafted after acquiring certain resources that it needs.

How to Craft Propellant?

To craft Propellant, you will need to first unlock its engram, which can be done once you reach level 22.

You may craft Propellant in either a Mortar and Pestle, Chemistry Bench, or an Equus with a saddle equipped, Chemistry Bench being the better choice.

Crafting Propellant with the Mortar and Pestle (also Equus Saddle) requires 1x Sulfur, 1x Cactus Sap, and 1x Oil to create one propellant.

Within the Chemistry Bench, you can craft 6x Propellant for 4x Sulfur, 4x Cactus Sap, and 4x Oil, which is cheaper and crafted at a faster speed.

Best Way to Get Propellant

The best way to get Propellant is to craft it in the Chemistry Bench, which is because you get more for the resources and craft it at a faster pace.

It is good to harvest large amounts of each resource before crafting, this way you can craft multiple amounts of Propellant in bulk.

You should keep in mind that the consumption of resources is less when it comes to the Chemistry Station as you get two more pieces for only 4x the materials.

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Propellant Uses

Propellant is used to craft several of the flammable items that were introduced in Scorched Earth, mainly used for setting enemies on fire.

The following may be crafted with Propellant:

  • Cluster Grenade
  • Flame Arrow
  • Flamethrower Ammo
  • Oil Jar

On unofficial servers, Propellant may be used as a crafting ingredient or power source for certain structures, mainly the Structure Plus Item Collector.


Propellant is an important crafting requirement for those who wish to make use of the Scorched Earth weapons, mainly for burning things.

Flame Arrows can be strategically used to deal damage which is why a lot of players tend to farm Propellant for it later on.

Just like with arrows, the Flamethrower can deal quite the amount of damage, making it important to get Propellant to craft Flamethrower Ammo.

It is easy to gather the resources needed for Propellant as long as you are playing on maps that are complete with them, such as on Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Extinction, and more.

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