ARK: How to Make Blood Pack

ARK Blood Pack

Not all materials come from the creatures and natural resources in Ark maps, some come from the players themselves.

Blood Packs are consumables that can only be obtained by extracting blood from humans with the right tools.

These can be held on to or preserved for later usage, such as for restoring health and even taming creatures, specifically the Bloodstalker.

How to Make Blood Packs?

Before extracting blood to create Blood Packs, you will need to first learn the Blood Extraction Syringe Engram, which unlocks at level 6.

Once you have unlocked and crafted a Blood Extraction Syringe, you simply need to place it in your inventory (or the inventory of another player) to extract blood.

The player who gets blood extracted from them will lose 25 health, but this is not a problem if they are simply at the base as they will regenerate health eventually.

Blood Pack Uses

Blood Packs only have a few uses, which are to restore a small amount of health (15 HP) over 2 seconds, which is not bad if you are in a tight spot.

Although you can make use of Medicine Brew, Blood Packs are slightly easier to and better for the early stages as they do not require other resources.

You can tame Bloodstalkers by allowing them to capture you, which causes them to feed on the Blood Packs in your inventory instead of your, taming them in the process.

Blood Pack Expiry

Blood Packs will expire after 30 minutes of being collected when kept in a player’s inventory but this is extended to 2 hours when in the inventory of a creature.

You may extend the expiration timer of Blood Packs by keeping them in a Preserving Bin (5 hours) or a Refrigerator (2 days and 2 hours) for later on.

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Blood Packs are not hard to make, and only need the Blood Extraction Syringe, which makes for a good source of recovery even if it’s only 15 health.

Storing Blood Packs is important if you have a lot of them and will be bringing them with you as you go out on adventures.

Bloodstalkers should be tamed with a lot of Blood Packs, so be sure to have a lot with you before you make an attempt or you may end up dying.

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