ARK: How to Get Shell Fragment

ARK Shell Fragment

In Genesis Part 1, a few new items were introduced, including the Shell Fragment resource, a resource that comes from the large sea creature called Megachelon.

This resource is obtained by harvesting the creature due to its large shell which has more in store for players that harvest a lot.

Shell Fragments may be used to craft certain items from Genesis Part 1, but also have other uses when it comes to crafting other items.

How To Harvest Shell Fragment?

To farm Shell Fragments, you will need to find a Megachelon and kill it, which allows you to harvest its body afterward.

When harvesting a Megachelon body, you will get a bulk amount of Shell Fragments which may then be used later on.

The best way to farm Shell Fragments is to breed multiple Megachelon and use them as livestock for supplying the resource, killing and harvesting the extra ones.

There seems to be little difference to harvesting with different tools or creatures, but some players prefer using a Chainsaw.

Shell Fragment Uses

Shell Fragments can be quite odd when it comes to making the most out of the resource, as it may be used as a substitute or converted.

On the part of Genesis Part 1, Shell Fragments are used to make a Megachelon Platform Saddle, which means you need to kill and harvest one in advance.

It is also used for making Chitin in the Industrial Grinder as well as for crafting the Wood Ocean Platform structure.

You can grind Shell Fragments in the Industrial Grinder, which will yield 50 Chitin per Shell Fragment, which means you can get a lot of Chitin after killing a Megachelon.

It is possible to use Shell Fragments as a substitute for Keratin but this only substitutes one Shell Fragment per Keratin.

Since you can get more Chitin, it is wiser to grind your Shell Fragments in the Industrial Grinder, since you can substitute Keratin with Chitin anyway.

For a list of items that you craft by substituting Keratin with Shell Fragments, check out our How To Get Keratin guide.

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Farming Shell Fragments is a great way to get a lot of Chitin (processing it in the Industrial Grinder), which can be useful for making Cementing Paste and other items.

Unless you are at the earlier stages or do not have an Industrial Grinder, you can still use Shell Fragments as a substitute for Keratin, but it is better to focus on grinding it.

Megachelon is not too hard to find in Genesis Part 1 but one should be aware of the other dangers in the water when hunting them.

Those who wish to tame their own Megachelon will have to obtain Shell Fragments to craft the saddle so they can ride it.

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