How to Get Rare Flowers in ARK

ARK Rare Flower

Rare Flowers are one of the more unique kinds of consumables you can find in Ark, but only in certain places.

While Rare Flowers can be eaten for food, they also have certain side effects that affect humans and the creatures around them.

There are few ways to obtain this resource, and as its name suggests, it is quite rare but only if you do not know where to farm Rare Flowers.

How to Farm Rare Flowers?

Rare Flowers can be harvested from certain plants, these plants often give berries and but now and then provide you with Rare Flowers.

If you find Beaver Dams, you can open them and there is a chance that there will be Rare Flowers in its inventory.

The swamp biome is a great (but deadly) place to farm Rare Flower, as the plants in the swamp can provide a good amount.

One of the best ways to get Rare Flowers is to use a Therizinosaur and use its Delicate Gathering attacks to harvest the plants. (including X Plant Species)

Notable plants that you can farm for Rare Flowers include:

  • Small Red Plants
  • Snow Biome Bush
  • Bulb Plant in Swamp
  • Mushrooms in Valguero
  • Thorny Bushes Near Swamp
  • X Plant Species
  • Blue Flowers (Actual Rare Flower appearance)

Rare Flower Uses

Rare Flower is used for crafting a few items in Ark and can also be used as a taming food or even a lure for other creatures.

When a player eats a Rare Flower, they give off an aura that attracts enemies in the area, causing them to attack the player.

This effect can be useful for luring creatures for farming or for taming, making it easier to round them up in one spot.

Items that can be crafted with Rare Flower include:

  • Re-Fertilizer
  • Lesser Antidote
  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Battle Tartare
  • Mindwipe Tonic

Aside from the mentioned uses, Rare Flower is required to be placed into the inventory of a Bee Hive to produce Giant Be Honey over time.

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Rare Flowers Taming

There are certain creatures in Ark that can be tamed using Rare Flowers, these creatures include:

Rare Flowers Expiration

Rare Flowers do not expire as fast as other resources and these allow players to keep a large amount of them preserved for later on.

Rare Flowers will begin to expire after being harvested and will last for up to 3 days.


Rare Flower is a key ingredient to making the Mindwipe Tonic, which is important for a player who wants to reset their character.

Using Rare Flower to attract wild creatures is a good way of saving time of head to each one by one, great for farming or clearing out unwanted creatures.

Your best bet to get Rare Flowers is to farm them at the Swamp, as there is an abundant amount of them which can be obtained, especially when using a Therizinosaur.

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