ARK: How to Get Mejoberry

ARK Mojoberry

One of the most favorite berries of a majority of the herbivores is the Mejoberry, a purple berry that can easily be gathered on different maps.

Mejoberries are distinguishable by their purple color and can be obtained just like the other berries in Ark, but this is a favorite among most creatures.

Players may pick these for consumption when they need to restore food or water, but other uses make this resource important.

How to Farm Mejoberry?

Just like other berries found in Ark, the Mejoberry can be handpicked from bushes and other plants or with a tamed creature.

Tamed creatures such as the Brontosaurus, Therizinosaur, and Ankylosaurus are some of the best creatures when it comes to gathering berries, as they provide large amounts.

A great way to passively get Mejoberries is to take the Mejoberry Seeds you obtain and plant them in crop plots, which will grow into a fruit that bears the berries.

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Mejoberry Uses

Aside from being a consumable that can replenish a small amount of food and water, consuming Mejoberries when you have gained torpor from starvation or thirst will help reduce it.

Mejoberries can be used when cooking, to create certain consumables that you can use, such as kibbles and the Mindwipe Tonic.

When it comes to taming, Mejoberries are the preferred taming berry amongst all the others, providing a more efficient taming process.


  • Basic Kibble
  • Battle Tartare
  • Broth of Enlightenment
  • Cactus Broth
  • Calien Soup
  • Enduro Stew
  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Focal Chili
  • Fria Curry
  • Lazarus Chowder
  • Mejoberry Juice
  • Mindwipe Tonic
  • Shadow Steak Saute
  • Simple Kibble

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Mejoberry Expiration Time

Mejoberries will expire after being collected, which occurs 10 minutes when in a player’s inventory or 40 minutes in a creature’s inventory.

It is possible to preserve Mejoberries to last longer by placing them in a Preserving Bin to increase expiration up to 1 hour and 40 minutes or a Refrigerator for 16 hours and 40 minutes.


Mejoberries are an important resource in Ark, as they are required by several of the consumables, mainly kibbles.

The Mindwipe Tonic requires a good amount of Mejoberries and will not be craftable without it, so players need a bunch if they want to reset their stats.

While other food items can be used to tame creatures, Mejoberries is a good starter food for taming during the earlier phases in the game.

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