ARK: How to Get Azulberry

ARK Azulberry

Azulberry is a type of berry in Ark that can be distinguished by its bumpy appearance along with its blue color.

This resource is consumable which can be obtained in a few ways, mainly by harvesting and growing them.

These berries have a few uses in the game, which include providing replenishment for food and water or for crafting certain consumables or dye.

How to Farm Azulberry?

Azulberries are obtainable by harvesting the different bushes and plants that can be found around any map, providing random berries, including Azulberry.

The plants that yield Azulberry and other berries can easily be farmed for a larger amount when using tames, especially the Brontosaurus, Therizinosaur, Ankylosaurus, and others.

When players have obtained Azulberry Seeds from harvesting them, they can use them for growing their plants which can be harvested for multiple Azulberry.

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Azulberry Uses

Azulberry will initially be a source of food for players and it also restores a bit of water, but not enough to fill your bar instantly.

Consuming Azulberry can however prevent your player from being knocked out when hungry or thirsty as it will bring down your torpor due to the food and water is added.

Players may use Azulberry for cooking certain consumables that become helpful later on when they are adventuring, such as the Energy Brew.

A numerous amount of dyes, closely connected to the color blue can be crafted using Azulberries by combining them with other ingredients in a cooking structure.


  • Energy Brew
  • Focal Chili
  • Fria Curry
  • Cactus Broth


  • Blue Coloring
  • Brown Coloring
  • Cyan Coloring
  • Forest Coloring
  • Green Coloring
  • Magenta Coloring
  • Mud Coloring
  • Navy Coloring
  • Purple Coloring
  • Royalty Coloring
  • Sky Coloring
  • Tan Coloring

Azulberry Expiration Time

Once harvested, an Azulberry will last for about 10 minutes in the inventory of a player or 40 minutes when in a tamed creature’s inventory.

This spoil timer can be increased by preserving the Azulberry in a Preserving Bin (1 hour and 40 minutes) or a Refrigerator (16 hours and 40 minutes) for a longer expiration time.


Energy Brew can only be crafted when players have enough Azulberries, which is also a necessary consumable when adventuring as it can restore stamina at crucial times.

The food craftable with Azulberry can be quite essential at certain times when it comes to the survival of characters in different situations.

While Azulberry is an easy resource to obtain, it is less tedious to grow it on a farm of your own rather than repeatedly harvesting them by hand or tamed creature.

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