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ARK Flint

Mining stone can yield different kinds of resources, sometimes the type of stone affects what resources are obtained, but one of the resources that always appears is Flint.

Flint is one of the more common resources in Ark, being able to be gathered early on once you have the means to mine.

Although this resource is easy to get and may appear to be plentiful, there is much more to it than meets the eye and you will be needing quite a large stock of it.

How to Farm Flint?

The only way for players to farm Flint is by mining the different rocks that can be found around the maps in Ark.

The majority of the boulders you find (except for metal nodes) will provide you with Flint when harvesting, and you should use a Pick rather than a Hatchet to mine.

Using a Mining Drill will yield an amount of Flint, but it usually provides more Stone and this can be quite a loss if you are attempting to get more Flint.

Best Way To Farm Flint

The best way to farm Flint is to use an Ankylosaurus, Mantis with Pick, or simply to Harvest with a Pick, although it is much easier to harvest with tamed creatures.

Running around with a Pick may be a suitable way early on to get Flint but using a Mantis would prove to be much better as they are mobile and can use a Pick.

An Ankylosaurus can get a good amount of Flint but these are slow and its best if you team up with a buddy to use a flyer such as a n Argentavis or Quetzal to carry the Ankylosaurus around.

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Flint Uses

Flint is commonly mixed with Stone to create Sparkpowder, which is later on used to make Gunpowder to be used for ammunition.

This is an important resource when it comes to PVP and other ammunition needs in the game, as it is impossible to create ammunition without it.

Aside from being used to create Sparkpowder and later on Gunpowder, Flint still has its other uses and may be used to craft other items.


  • Lance
  • Poison Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Spear


  • Spear Bolt
  • Stone Arrow


  • Compass
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Taxidermy Tool
  • Torch


  • Arthropluera Saddle
  • Ichthyosaurus Saddle
  • Manta Saddle
  • Refining Forge


  • Campfire
  • Cooking Pot
  • Standing Torch
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Wall Torch
  • Water Well


  • Sparkpowder


Flint is mainly obtained early on after you have crafted a Stone Pick, which can be used to get your first bits of Stone, Flint, and even Metal from rocks.

The Stone Pick can be built by collecting the small pieces of Stone lying around and by harvesting the rest from plants and trees.

It is impossible to proceed towards higher-tech without the acquisition of Flint as this is needed not only for tools, but also the resources required to craft better items and structures.

The best way to get flint in Ark is to use an Ankylosaurus or Mantis with a Pick, although the Ankylosaurus can bear more weight.

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