ARK: How to Get Deathworm Horns

ARK Deathworm Horn

Deathworm Horns are a type of resource which first came to Ark when Scorch Earth became available, but this doesn’t mean the resource was easy to get.

To get a Deathworm Horn, players would need to brave a dangerous creature known as a Deathworm, which also came out with the release of Scorched Earth.

This resource can be used for crafting a few consumables or for taming a Mantis, making it quite handy to have a good stock lying around.

How to Farm Deathworm Horn?

Deathworm Horn farming usually involves hunting Deathworms and killing them, which allows you to loot their bodies for the Deathworm Horns and other items.

When killing a Deathworm, if your creature gets the last hit, the items from the Deathworm will go straight into your tamed creature’s inventory.

Deathworm Horns will also drop when you kill Iceworms in the Frozen Dungeon (referred to many as the Ice Cave or Iceworm Cave) deep within it.

Best Way to Get Deathworm Horns

The best way to farm Deathworm Horns is to hunt an Alpha Deathworm, which will drop 20 Deathworm Horns when killed.

Aside from hunting the Alpha Deathworms, players can easily farm them by killing Iceworms, as these have low health and are relatively easy to kill.

Deathworm Horn Farming Locations

The following are rough coordinates where Deathworms or Iceworms may spawn, and you can search these areas when hunting for Deathworm Horns.

Scorched Earth

  • 10 – 19
  • 50 – 90
  • All surrounding border areas


  • 31 – 33 (Frozen Dungeon)
  • 31 – 38 (Frozen Dungeon)
  • 53 – 71
  • 57 – 81
  • 67 – 74
  • 68 – 81

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Deathworm Horn Uses

Deathworm Horns are mainly used for crafting a few consumables as well as for taming Mantis via passive taming.

To feed a Mantis, you will need to equip the Deathworm Horn in your last item slot and approach the Mantis from behind to interact with it, feeding it the item.

It is recommended that you use Bug Repellant when taming a Mantis to avoid being detected, which can cause it to attack you and prevent you from taming it.

The following are consumables that may be crafted with Deathworm Horns:

  • Broth of Enlightenment
  • Lesser Antidote


Deathworm Horns are currently the best choice of an item to feed a Mantis for a more efficient taming process.

If a Woolly Rhino Horn is not available, the Deathworm Horn may be used as a substitute when crafting the Broth of Enlightenment or Lesser Antidote.

Lesser Antidotes are important when exploring caves while Broth of Enlightenment is a good way to boost your experience gain, making it useful to have a few horns lying around.

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