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ARK Silk

One of the softer and less likely resources to be found in other maps, Silk was sort of an exclusive resource meant for hotter, desert locations.

Silk was obtained in a few ways and used for most items that would aid players in surviving the heat of the land.

Having a supply of Silk will make it easier for players to survive not only in desert areas but also places where temperatures go above survivable levels.

How to Get Silk?

There are currently two ways to obtain Silk, which is either to collect it from the dead body of a Lymantria or to harvest it from desert flowers.

Desert flowers can be distinguished by pretty much being the only common plant with purple flours (the other variant has white flowers) that is mostly located in desert areas.

Using creatures to collect from Lymantria bodies or the desert flower will allow you to harvest more Silk.

Best Way to Farm Silk

One of the best ways to harvest Silk is to use a Therizinosaur when harvesting from desert flowers as they are efficient with their delicate gathering level up.

Using a Sabertooth, Direwolf or other creatures that are efficient at gathering hide is usually efficient when collecting from Lymantria corpses.

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Silk Uses

Silk is commonly used to craft items that were introduced with the map, such as the Desert Cloth Set, Tent, and Whip.

A Whip is an efficient tool for dismounting enemies, picking up resources, and making your tames move out of the way.

A Tent is a useful structure that can help players remain cool in almost any location and it can even be used to trap certain creatures.

The Desert Cloth Set Consists of the following:

  • Desert Cloth Boots
  • Desert Cloth Gloves
  • Desert Cloth Pants
  • Desert Cloth Shirt
  • Desert Goggles and Hat


Silk is easy to obtain if you have access to a desert area or if there are Lymantria present on your map, making Scorched Earth and Ragnarok the best places to get Silk.

Players who wish to survive in the desert biome or in places where heat can pretty much kill a player should obtain Silk to remain cool.

While Silk is not as common as most resources, it is still worth it to keep a good amount when you need to deal with heat later on.

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