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Thatch ARK

That’s is a common resource that can easily be obtained early on when you first start Ark but eventually, there may be a time when you need a larger supply.

Thatch is usually used by players for crafting certain structures, early-game tools, and even as an extra fuel source for fires.

While players can harvest thatch on their own, some tools and creatures make this task less tedious and help save time.

How to Harvest Thatch?

Thatch is harvested by attacking trees with your fists, tools or using certain creatures although not all creatures will collect it.

When using basic tools, a Pick is more favorable than a Hatchet as it mainly collects a larger amount of Thatch while the Hatchet gets more Wood.

The larger the tree, the more resources it usually yields, which for example makes Redwood trees a better choice when getting Thatch or Wood.

Best Way To Farm Thatch

The best way to get Thatch is to use an Excavation Rig, which is new along with the Genesis Part 2 map but in case it is not available, you can resort to a Brontosaurus, Mantis with a Pick.

Another great creature for harvesting Thatch is the Megaloceros, since it is easy to tame and fast on its feet, otherwise using a Mining Drill can also provide a good amount.

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Thatch Uses

Thatch is usually needed for early-game structures, mainly Thatch or Wood structures, and later on Stone Structures.

Some items and other useful structures also require a certain amount of that’s, making it necessary to have a good supply for later on.

The following require Thatch when crafting:


  • Bola
  • Smoke Grenade


  • Fish Basket
  • Fish Net
  • Fish Trap
  • Fishing Rod
  • Lasso
  • Paintbrush
  • Parachute
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Stone Pick


  • Grappling Hook
  • Metal Arrow
  • Spear Bolt
  • Stone Arrow


  • Castoroides Saddle


  • Adobe Ceiling
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gate
  • Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
  • Adobe Door
  • Adobe Doorframe
  • Adobe Double Door
  • Adobe Double Doorframe
  • Adobe Fence Foundation
  • Adobe Fence Support
  • Adobe Foundation
  • Adobe Hatchframe
  • Adobe Ladder
  • Adobe Pillar
  • Adobe Railing
  • Adobe Ramp
  • Adobe Staircase
  • Adobe Stairs
  • Adobe Trapdoor
  • Adobe Triangle Ceiling
  • Adobe Triangle Foundation
  • Adobe Triangle Roof
  • Adobe Wall
  • Adobe Window
  • Adobe Windowframe
  • Ballista Turret
  • Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate
  • Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway
  • Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
  • Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway
  • Bookshelf
  • Campfire
  • Cannon
  • Catapult Turret
  • Compost Bin
  • Cooking Pot
  • Delivery Crate
  • Dinosaur Gate
  • Dinosaur Gateway
  • Feeding Trough
  • Gift Box
  • Holiday Tree
  • Giant Adobe Hatchframe
  • Giant Adobe Trapdoor
  • Giant Reinforced Trapdoor
  • Giant Stone Hatchframe
  • Large Adobe Wall
  • Large Crop Plot
  • Large Stone Wall
  • Large Storage Box
  • Large Taxidermy Base
  • Large Wooden Wall
  • Loadout Mannequin
  • Medium Crop Plot
  • Medium Taxidermy Base
  • Mirror
  • Multi-Panel Flag
  • Portable Rope Ladder
  • Preserving Bin
  • Pressure Plate
  • Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
  • Reinforced Double Door
  • Reinforced Trapdoor
  • Reinforced Window
  • Reinforced Wooden Door
  • Rope Ladder
  • Simple Bed
  • Single Panel Flag
  • Sloped Adobe Roof
  • Sloped Adobe Wall Left
  • Sloped Adobe Wall Right
  • Sloped Stone Roof
  • Sloped Stone Wall Left
  • Sloped Stone Wall Right
  • Sloped Thatch Roof
  • Sloped Thatch Wall Left
  • Sloped Thatch Wall Right
  • Sloped Wood Wall Left
  • Sloped Wood Wall Right
  • Sloped Wooden Roof
  • Small Crop Plot
  • Small Taxidermy Base
  • Standing Torch
  • Stone Ceiling
  • Stone Dinosaur Gateway
  • Stone Doorframe
  • Stone Double Doorframe
  • Stone Fence Foundation
  • Stone Fence Support
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Stone Foundation
  • Stone Hatchframe
  • Stone Pillar
  • Stone Railing
  • Stone Staircase
  • Stone Stairs
  • Stone Triangle Ceiling
  • Stone Triangle Foundation
  • Stone Triangle Roof
  • Stone Wall
  • Stone Windowframe
  • Storage Box
  • Tent
  • Thatch Ceiling
  • Thatch Door
  • Thatch Doorframe
  • Thatch Foundation
  • Thatch Wall
  • Training Dummy
  • Vessel
  • Wall Torch
  • Wardrums
  • Water Well
  • Wooden Bench
  • Wooden Billboard
  • Wooden Cage
  • Wooden Catwalk
  • Wooden Ceiling
  • Wooden Chair
  • Wooden Door
  • Wooden Doorframe
  • Wooden Double Door
  • Wooden Double Doorframe
  • Wooden Fence Foundation
  • Wooden Fence Support
  • Wooden Foundation
  • Wooden Hatchframe
  • Wooden Ladder
  • Wooden Pillar
  • Wooden Railing
  • Wooden Ramp
  • Wooden Sign
  • Wooden Staircase
  • Wooden Stairs
  • Wooden Trapdoor
  • Wooden Triangle Ceiling
  • Wooden Triangle Foundation
  • Wooden Triangle Roof
  • Wooden Wall
  • Wooden Wall Sign
  • Wooden Window
  • Wooden Windowframe


  • Beer Liquid
  • Canoe
  • Fertilizer
  • Note


Thatch is very useful during the early stages when you begin playing on a map and it is even required later on for other crafting items.

To keep a good supply of Thatch, it’s best to have at least the right tools or creatures as well as a nearby spot with trees.

Although Thatch may sometimes be needed in higher amounts, it is fairly easy to collect as a large amount is usually collected when trees are harvested.

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