ARK: How to Get Fungal Wood

ARK Fungal Wood

Fungal Wood is an alternate version of Wood and is commonly found in the Aberration, Extinction, and Valguero maps.

This resource can be used in place of normal Wood but also is required for crafting specific items that normal Wood cannot be used for.

If you do not have normal Wood, Fungal Wood can be considered as an alternative that can substitute it.

How to Make Farm Fungal Wood?

Farming Fungal Wood is done on the Aberration, Extinction, and Valguero maps, having slightly different ways to farm them.

In Aberration, Fungal Wood can be obtained by harvesting mushrooms and other resources with Wood-like properties.

Extinction has many trees that can be found around the Sanctuary, which can be harvested for large amounts of Fungal Wood.

Certain areas in Valguero, Crystal Isles, and even Genesis Part 1 have specific areas where Fungal Wood may be farmed.

Best Way To Farm Fungal Wood

Fungal Wood is still a type of Wood, making it have the same properties and farming methods as normal Wood.

Using a Chainsaw can provide you with a large amount, and using specific creatures that can harvest Wood will also do well.

Some of the best creatures for farming Wood include the Mammoth, Therizinosaur, or a Castoroides, as these creatures can harvest a lot and carry the weight.

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Fungal Wood Uses

While Fungal Wood is mainly used as a substitute for normal Wood when there is none available, it still has a few recipes on its own.

The items that are craftable with Fungal Wood (aside from the same ones with normal wood) include the following:


  • Climbing Pick
  • Fish Basket


  • Karkinos Saddle
  • Ravager Saddle


  • Portable Rope Ladder
  • Shag Rug
  • Stone Cliff Platform
  • Zip-Line Anchor

For the rest of the items that can be crafted with Fungal Wood (as a replacement for normal Wood), check out our guide on How to Farm Wood.


Fungal Wood is a necessary resource if you plan to craft certain items from Aberration as such items may not be crafted with normal Wood.

If you are all out of normal Wood, you may use Fungal Woods as an emergency supply as these can be farmed in large amounts

A Chainsaw is excellent at collecting Wood, making it excellent as well when used to get Fungal Wood, but you will need to make sure you have something to store it in to avoid being overweight.

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