ARK: How to Get Corrupted Nodule

ARK Corrupted Nodule

When the Extinction map first came out, we were introduced to yet another substitute for Polymer, the Corrupted Nodule.

This resource often joked around by players by calling it corrupted noodles, is a resource that is tied with the corruption that has plagued the creatures and lands within Extinction.

Players may find this resource to be abundant in Extinction, allowing them to farm a large amount of it for many of the items that require Polymer.

How to Farm Corrupted Nodule?

The only way for you to obtain Corrupted Nodule is to find corrupted creatures, which there are plenty of in Extinction, and kill them to harvest their bodies.

Corrupted Creatures appear to be more of a purplish color and show obvious signs of corruption which you can distinguish easily.

After killing a corrupted creature, simply harvest its body with a tool or tamed creature and you will receive several Corrupted Nodules.

Best Way To Farm Corrupted Nodule

Corrupted Nodules can easily be farmed by using a Chainsaw on the corpse of a corrupted creature as this provides a larger amount than any other harvesting method.

Depending on the size of the creature, the amount of Corrupted Nodules varies which means that the larger the body of the corrupted creatures, the more of the resources you get.

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Corrupted Nodule Uses

Corrupted Nodules are used as a substitute for Polymer and Organic Polymer, but they may also be consumed by the player to deal 500 damage to themselves.

For a list of items that can be crafted with Corrupted Nodules, check out our guide on How to Make Polymer.

Corrupted Nodule Transfer

Corrupted Nodules may not be transferred to other servers, which makes it necessary to farm what you need in Extinction or bring resources from other maps to craft.

Since the majority of resources are farmable in Extinction, there is not much of a need to transfer Corrupted Nodules to other maps.

Corrupted Nodule Expiration

After being harvested, much like Organic Polymer, Corrupted Nodules will also expire per piece every 30 minutes.


In Extinction, players can easily craft items that require Polymer since there is an abundant supply of Corrupted Nodules due to the vast number of corrupted creatures.

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