How To Get Deep Dive Keys in Destiny 2

If you have gotten into some of the Seasonal Activities for Season of the Deep, you might have noticed that there are Deep Dive Keys that can be obtained and used.

The Deep Dive keys are a rare currency needed for players who wish to improve their rewards at the end of a Deep Dive activity.

Obtaining these however will not be as easy as completing an activity and getting one right away as these are sometimes rare to get.

Deep Dive Keys Destiny 2

How To Get Deep Dive Keys?

While most would believe that Deep Dive Keys would mainly come from Deep Dive Activities, they actually can be obtained in many ways.

You can get Deep Dive Keys by completing a majority of the activities in the game, which include the Seasonal Activities and playlists such as Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible.

Deep Dive Keys only have a certain chance to drop though and these can be found later in your inventory once you get them.

Deep Dive Key UsesOpened the Deep Chest using the Deep Dive Keys at the end of seasonal activity

Deep Dive Keys are used to gain bonus rewards at the end of a Deep Dive activity by opening the Deep Chest at the end.

While Deep Chests grant rewards upon being opened, having a Deep Dive Key while opening one will provide you with bonus rewards.

This can come in the form of additional Deep Engrams or gear when you open a Deep Chest and the Deep Dive Keys will automatically be used when you open them.

Deep Chest Rewards

Deep Chests will reward you with Season of the Deep Gear, which seems to mainly be pieces of NPA Legendary Armor.

The additional chest can reward you with Season of the Deep weapons which are selected at random from the loot table.

You may additionally obtain Deep Engrams and these may be increased when you have a Deep Dive Key when opening the Deep Chest.


Deep Dives Activities are great for obtaining Season of the Deep gear and if you are trying to get all the pieces of armor from the season, this is a good way to go at it.

If you happen to have a Deep Dive Key, you can get even more rewards, which include the Deep Engrams that can be used for focusing.

It is best to use the Deep Dive Keys whenever you can to get as much gear as possible so you can later focus the whole set once Deep Armor Focusing is unlocked.

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