How To Get Salvage Keys in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep has arrived and a new set of Seasonal Activities are available for Guardians to grind for rewards.

One of the activities is called Salvage and these can earn you rewards for completing them as well as opening a Salvage Chest at the end.

Before you can open up the chest at the end of a Salvage Activity, you will first need to have a Salvage Key to get more goodies at the end.

Salvage Keys Destiny 2

How To Get Salvage Keys?

Salvage Keys can be obtained by completing Salvage Activities, which can be started by accessing the map of the H.E.L.M. and selecting the activity.

Once you are in the Salvage Activity, you will need to complete multiple objectives that are chosen at random before you can get to the end to fight a boss.

After defeating the boss at the end of a Salvage Activity, you will receive rewards, which may include the Salvage Key and other rewards before opening a chest at the end that requires the key.

Salvage Key UsesOpened chests at the end of Salvage Activities using Salvage key to get rewards

Salvage Keys are used for opening chests at the end of Salvage Activities, which will provide you with additional rewards at the end of the quest.

The Salvage Key will be consumed upon opening the chest at the end of a Salvage Activity and this will provide you with certain rewards.

It is possible to hold on to multiple Salvage Keys but they are best used at the end of a Savage activity to open the chest once they appear.

Salvage Chest Rewards

Opening a Salvage Chest will provide you with Season of the Deep legendary gear as well as the chance to get Deep Engrams.

If you have unlocked the Forgotten Treasures Seasonal Bonus, you will also have a chance to obtain a Deep Engram.


Salvage Keys are one of the most farmed items during the Season of the Deep as they are used to obtain a lot of gear from the season.

By using Salvage Keys, you can gain access to gear that will later help you unlock them for focusing at the Sonar Station to get a chance at better rolls for the gear.

Salvage Key farming is efficiently done by being able to complete the objectives in a Salvage Mission and defeating the boss at the end as quickly as possible.

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